Window Repair - The Green Alternative

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Slide presentation at the Traditional Builders Conference March 13, 2009


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Presented by the New England Window Restoration Alliance

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The New England Window Restoration Alliance Dave Bowers Olde Window Restorers Weare, NH Pat Patrick Old Town Repair Marblehead, MA Andrew Roeper Winn Mountain Restorations Lyndeborough, NH Jade Mortimer Heartwood Building and Restoration Hawley, MA Alison Hardy Window Woman of New England Topsfield, MA

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Green is not just about buying new materials Preservation conserves our built resources Energy conservation is compatible with preservation Here is our “Top Ten” list of reasons…

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Note construction of joint, peg is being replaced

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New lumber Old lumber

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Chances are your windows are more than 50 years old already, many are well over 100 years old Maintain old windows once for decades more service Replace windows and enter the 15-20 year replacement cycle

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Wood can be repaired, how do you repair vinyl?

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Original windows were part of the design and scaled to fit the proportions of the building. Replacement windows change the character of the window and alter the physical fabric of antique and historic buildings.

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Surface of window is very cold (dark blue), where panes are cracked on decorative window cold air is coming through

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Surface of window is very cold (dark blue), where panes are cracked on decorative window cold air is coming through

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These thermal pane windows also show significant surface cold area, but a remarkable amount of cold leaking in around the edges. Same house, 10 year old insulated glass replacement windows

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Antique 6/6 windows Lots of glazing missing Install spring bronze weather stripping Re-glaze exterior Re-install sash and new sash lock

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Before maintenance, overall cold surface, leakage around edges Significantly warmer surface area, still some leakage at corners to be addressed, gaps in trim to be caulked.

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This bay of new windows show the cold air entering along the floorboards The leaky ceiling can lights were of great concern Even an uncovered outlet was a significant leakage point The auditor felt this ceiling vent to the attic was the number one infiltration problem for this home.

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Where Does the Green Grow? 10. Because the greenest building - is the one that is already built Product Life Cycle Raw Materials Manufacturing Maintenance Disposal at End of Life

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Wood Vinyl Aluminum Almost 100% Usable and Recyclable Offensive Chemicals and Minimal Recyclability High Energy to Mfg., But Easily Recyclable

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Wood Vinyl Aluminum Transportation: Lowest Embodied Energy >>> Wood >>>>> Wood Assume Roughly Comparable

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Wood Vinyl Aluminum Assume: High Low Location/Climate Dependant Comparable Climate and Conditions

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Wood Vinyl Aluminum 100 to 200 Years, Biodegradable, Harmful Coatings, Recyclable 10 to 30 Years, Not Biodegradable, Minimally Recyclable Highly Recyclable, Harmful Coatings, Not Biodegradable

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Public Policies Growth in Green Building Shifting Consumer Priorities

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The long lifetime, low environmental impact of wooden windows, both installed, and new sales, may assume a dominant market position. Restoration and weatherization of installed wooden window base may appear to the consumer more attractive than vinyl or aluminum, both residential and commercial.

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