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The process of fixing a path and clipping off unwanted elements in an image is clipping path. This feature or technique is used in designing brochures or catalogs the part of an image that is clipped can be placed in a white background or a new background is designed so the two will go together. Another important Image editing technique is Image Masking it is a process in which the area of the image that needs to be masked is clipped off the background without compromising its quality and then masked accordingly. Freelancing firms uses Adobe Photoshop which contains tools to manipulate images beyond your imagination. With the increase in the necessity of these Image Editing services in the recent times the objective to outsource has increased as well. This marked the opening of outsourcing firms to pave the way in terms of saving time and money spent that goes into editing these images. It is a painful endeavor to pursue working on images one after another therefore firms put together a team for each Image editing service and design experts are keen to get the job done ASAP. The services are cost effective and error free they also promise 99.9 error- free delivery. Image editing services are time consuming and it requires every individual graphic designer to work for hours looking carefully into every aspect of an image correcting and manipulating his way to perfection. Apart from the above Freelancing firms also offers various other Image editing services: Image Post Processing Services Image Enhancement Services Photo Restoration Services Image Manipulation Services Image Clipping Services Panorama Map Services Photo Editing Services Photo Cutout Services Image Background Removal Services Photo Retouching Services Photo Resizing Services Image Colorization Services Each of the experienced agents has a particular specialty and they constantly build on that skill platform to ensure they are an expert of their art. As such there is no doubt that your Clipping and masking needs will be handled by a complete professional with a level of experience unique within the overseas Image Editing industry. Masking a picture is not a simple task. Effectively masking a picture is both time

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consuming and intense. Diligent creative artists put their core into each Photoshop masking jobs they perform. The level of difficulty in picture masking relies upon on the picture to be hidden as fine outlining is required. Outsource Image Masking and Clipping to get the best of the editors to do the necessary improvements to your images. BEFORE: AFTER:

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