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MLM Business with Ethereum Dapp and smart contract-OG Software solutions An MLM software company having more than 15 years of experience with a team of 20+ professionals who are experienced in providing software solutions for new trade around 44 countries. An MLM programming bundle gave progressed on-line installment procedures is imperative for an MLM organization to maintain an undefeated system promoting business. Bitcoin Integrated MLM programming has extraordinary favorable circumstances nowadays. Bitcoin trade assumes a critical part of the MLM business around the world. In the event that you have a startup in MLM industry Our MLM Bitcoin software will uncommonly helpful in working together over the world. MLM software is backbone for success of any network marketing organization. It is suitable for both start-ups to mature direct selling companies. There are many mlm companies who are looking for way to succeed in their business. It’s hard to earn distributors and clients to sell your products and improve mlm business. MLM software focus on enrolling distributors and clients to your MLM Company to sell your products and services. This software has so many advantages for all kind of network marketing company. Our MLM software is dedicated to provide fast and reliable software solutions and services to mlm companies. It also focuses on changing distributor behaviour that drives productivity and retention. We are progressive company identifies and adapting to new technologies in MLM business. We meet many unique challenges in this direct selling industry to create new solutions for our clients. Our team is completely dedicated to providing flexible stable MLM Software to extend the MLM business concept to a huge success point. We also keep an eye on the latest

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technological developments so we can improve the MLM software with different latest features built into the Readymade MLM software. We always want to remind you of the most reliable software data back-up and support. What is smart contract-enabled MLM A smart contract provides the most reliable and tenable structure for executing voluminous transactions without compromising speed or security. The tools and functions of the smart contracts make it an ideal option for any sort of task that involves the exchange of assets from one place to another. The synergy of the whole campaign can be tackled with this technology and it gives you various other benefits as well. Integration of Smart Contract When it comes to making Smart contract impeccable for your business you need to take the forward approach and make the development process more strategic. With this open- source structure you can bring about positive changes and make your business inclined

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towards revolutionary mechanisms like peer to peer architecture. It does not only rule out the chances of errors but also give you an upper-hand in operations. This technology helps in establishing a secure network between the end-users and wholesalers. Furthermore the integration process gives you an insight into the precision of the transactions and it also makes the authorization techniques better. The Blend of Cryptocurrency and MLM Cryptocurrency makes use of the distributed decentralized ledger and it also keeps you ahead in chasing profits through continuous trading sessions. The implementation and customizing of the strategy give you a systematic process and it makes your enterprise invulnerable to any sort of cyber hoax. While handling different projects this solution helps you get conducive methods that keep you one step ahead. You can also start various other ventures that give you positive outcomes in every quarter. Successful ventures that used a Crypto-MLM network: • • Forsage • Ethereums Cash • Million Money • Doubleway has built its network application that makes use of Ethereum and totally redefines the scope of smart contracts for its users. On its algorithm the codes run in the most anonymous way and give you a chance to eliminate the chances of unauthorized sharing of information. It focuses on delivering fast transactions that help you enhance the income it also facilitates the distribution of tokens among various members. Forsage

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This platform has been developed using an Ethereum-based MLM script that provides a 100 decentralized environment. It makes the most of smart contracts and gives you the leverage of the essential factors of the Blockchain technology . By using this platform you can get familiar with different plans such as Matrix Binary and Unilevel. Some notable advantages of using Forsage Clone Script • Lucrative environment for trading • Hacking attempts are thwarted with a robust structure • Compatible with the cross-platform mechanism • Integration of Peer to Peer Payment • Privacy and transparency are kept intact Ethereums Cash It was introduced as a website that allowed the establishment of the Ethereum network with smart contracts. On this platform the users can use the essential merits of ETH to deliver a large number of transactions while lowering the risks involved in trading. Two types of wallets you can use on this website: Trust Wallet Meta Mask Million Money It is a one-of-its-kind Decentralized app that facilitates the transactions of digital assets using the Ethereum standard at its best. One of the benefits of using this platform is that the contracts cannot be changed. Moreover the security aspects are unmatched and the amount of transactions you can execute is way better than many other similar platforms. Besides being open-source it gives you many other advantages such as the auditing section and

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seamless transfers of coins from one wallet to another. On this platform you get an ideal environment and productive condition for engaging in profitable buying and selling. Doubleway Doubleway has been providing a great range of features and tools to its users. It does not only create a productive environment but it also succeeds in giving positive results in every single task. It keeps the transactions secure while keeping charges in check and assuring results that are affirming for both the parties involved. This is a platform that you can trust for executing a high volume of transactions sans being worrying about cost security or speed. Advantages you get by blending MLM with Ethereum • Withdrawal request is not needed • 100 decentralized environment • Payments are convenient • High Traceability • Invulnerable to hacking • Elimination of fraud • Impeccable Data Security • Transactions are swift • Low Fee/No Fee Why choose us for Crypto MLM software development Crypto MLM Developer gives you premium services when it comes to adapting the power of crypto MLM we enable your business to take forward steps using this technology at its best. Our developers have mastered Ethereum and can give you the most befitting Dapps as per the nature and needs of your business. We help you embrace this blended concept that renders the growth of the company easier than ever. The make the development of smart contracts and Ethereum Dapps most productive for every enterprise without raising the cost.

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Key Features of Global MLM Software Our software is packed with key advanced features to transform your business. The features and compensation rules can be customized according to your business needs e-Wallet The E-wallet plays the role of the virtual money where the members are capable of making transactions. All the incomes and expenses are stored in the form the virtual money. Genealogy Tree Genealogy Tree is a user-friendly approach to representing the down-line members under you. • It describes of team structure • in the form of a tree. ePIN Inbuilt e-PIN generator. Member can register using Epin and also Topup their wallet using Epin. Member can generate Epin from their wallet balance automatically. Rank Rewards Various Rank setting and Reward setting options to promote hard working affiliates. Level completion and Target Income can be configured depending on business plan. User Management Complete User management including user blocking password reset delete user edit user

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transfer user and many more. KYC Compliance is also Included. CMS integration CMS solves the painful task of updating the content everytime by providing a simple interface through which anyone who has basic computer skills can update content without much effort. Multi Tier Security Software includes Multi Tier Authentication machanism. This enables users access the application with peace of mind and perform online transactions. Business Reports Wide range of KPIs and reports generated for Business consumption. This enables business to take the appropriate business decisions based on market need. E-commerce integration Global MLM solution can be integrated with E commerce plugins like Magento and Opencart. E commerce integration with your MLM software can take your business across continents. Repurchase System Sell your products/services qith our software and share commission to members Set per product commission gap commission level commission BV and much more.

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SMS Integration This is a free feature where the members can be notified via SMS. The business team can set the SMS notification rules to notify users on different occasions Payment Gateway Wide range of Payment gateway to enable your users to pay you smoothly online. We offer Instamojo Payumoney Coinpayments Paypal and Thanks for reading our content. For more details kindly do visit our website mentioned below OG Software Solutions pvt ltd 4-B-1 Rajaram Film Directors Colony Kodambakkam Chennai India – 600024 9043588904.

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