How to Get Your Vietnam Tourist Visa


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The country of Vietnam has impressive landscapes, buzzing cities and a rich cultural heritage. It all makes the country a fantastic place to travel. Contrary to the popular misconception, getting the Visa to Vietnam is easy.


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How to Get Your Vietnam Tourist Visa One of the most disturbing things about travelling is visas. If you are planning to visit Vietnam getting the Official Vietnam Visa has become a lot simpler. This write up has all the necessary information you need to remain away from any complication or confusion. Keep the following information in mind to have a hassle-free entrance to the country. When travelling to another country visa is an integral part of the immigration process. The documentation the procedural complications can be detrimental to many of us. Based on the purpose of your purpose of travel you can apply for business or tourist visa. In Vietnam the process of applying visa is fast and efficient and within no time you receive it. The country of Vietnam has impressive landscapes buzzing cities and a rich cultural heritage. It all makes the country a fantastic place to travel. Contrary to the popular misconception getting the Visa to Vietnam is easy. Who should apply e-Visa to Vietnam It is right for you if you fall in any of the following categories: • Visiting for less than thirty days • A Tourist • Only require a single entry • Arriving at airports or seaports • Hold one the passports: US Canada UK and Australia The most popular Visa to Vietnam is the Tourist Visa vietnam that is valid for 15 to 30 days. However it can be extended upon your arrival depending on the circumstances. In many instances you can apply for a three-month visa as well and the procedure shall remain the same. In simple words Official Vietnam Visa for Tourists can be from 15 days to 3 months. The Procedure for Applying

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When you apply Visa to Vietnam online you can pick your visa at the Airport. However the following information is needed: • Your name shall be exactly as per your passport. • The date of birth should be in the Vietnamese format i.e. DD/MM/YYYY • The passport that you are using to enter Vietnam. Make sure that it has at least one blank leaf for a visa — your passport number. Check the passport should be valid for at least six months from your date of arrival in Vietnam. • The applicants have to fill the exact date of entry to the country. Your visa will not be valid before the time mentioned in the form however you can enter the country on the same visa on a later date. For all those who say that applying Visa to Vietnam is one of the most complicated processes now need to rethink. Other Important Tips There are a lot of fake sites trying to fool and trick people who are applying for the Official Vietnam Visa. Do not fall in the trap instead visit the official site. The official site’s URL will always end in You can also call or email to get the exact website address. The systems may get bugged or the official visa site may be down therefore keep sufficient time at your side. Apply with plenty of time just in case if the e-system does not work. Many times due to slow server speed you may also encounter payment failure. Keep these unforeseen situations in mind. Do take a print out of your visa or the approval letter. Further Information Visit Website: Contact Us: +84-2844581404

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