Lenvatinib 4mg, 10mg Capsules | Lenvima Cancer Medicine Cost in USA


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Brand Name : Lenvima 10mg Composition : Lenvatinib Strength : 10mg Manufactured by : EISAI Co. Ltd Form : Capsules Packing : Pack of 20 Capsules Country of Origin : Canada This drug is used to treat kidney or thyroid cancer. Lenvatinib belongs to the type of drugs known as tyrosine kinase inhibitors. It works with the aid of slowing or stopping the increase of cancer cells. Before you start using the drug, please provide your doctor with a detailed medical history of past health problems and provide him with a list of allergies and medications you are currently in. Includes all the medications you are taking, whether prescription, over-the-counter or even herbal mixtures. For more info about Lenvatinib Capsules visit our website http://www.oddwayinternational.com or call on +91-9873336444.