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Ocdamia Music Group is a group of extremely talented musicians based in Orange County and Los Angeles. We have a solo violinist, cellist, duet, string trio and quartet for a reasonable rates. Many clients enjoy classical music for the ceremony and contemporary for the party afterwards. We also provide music lessons for many musical instruments. Lessons are available to all ages and abilities.


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Ocdamia Strings Multi - Cultural String Musicians


Give your Guests a Ticket to a Concert in the Park We are a unique Strings group based in the Anaheim/OC Area providing clients with an out of this world experience.  We perform not only Classical repertoire but can also play some of the newest songs heard on the radio today.    Unlike other small/solo ensemble, The Ocdamia Strings either in solo, duet, trio, quartet or quintet has a large repertoire to choose from, and produce a rich and full sound.


Music Lessons Provided by Ocdamia Strings Ocdamia Strings has a team of professional music teachers who provide the music lessons for various musical instruments. Teachers work one-on-one with the student twice or once a week so that the students can learn music easily. Most of our teacher in Orange County, Los Angeles County, Inland Empire and more!


Art Ocdamia is available to teach students within Orange County Area. He prefers students to drive to his place but can also accommodate private lesson to students place.    Luba is accepting students for Los Angeles Area, she also drives to her student's place. She prefers students that live 20 miles from Whittier.


Ric Ickard is accepting students from OC and LA counties. He prefers to drive to his students. He is also teaching piano/keyboard for both areas.   Vince Reyes is accepting students located in LA Area. He prefers to drive to his students.  


Gina Caviar owns her music studio, located in Laguna Niguel.   Bill Yun prefers to drive to his students in South Bay Area. Lavette and Richard are both accepting students for OC & LA. Yuting Wu is covering PASADENA Area and prefers that her students to drive to her place.


Cecile Coo is teaching both violin and piano. She is accepting students from Inland Empire Area.    Cecile is a full time teacher and available Mon-Fri. She can also drive to her students within 15 miles from her place or students drive to her. 


http://www.theocdamiastrings.com/ Tel: 714-763-6924 278 N Wilshire Ave Anaheim CA 92801