What are the Benefits of Ontario PNP?


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Do you have an urge to migrate to Ontario and become a Canada PR? Then have a look at the PPT which tells you about some of the perkiest benefits to think of Ontario and apply for the permanent residence for Canada to find the best working haven.


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What are the benefits of Ontario PNP?:

What are the benefits of Ontario PNP? Ontario has always been the first choice for immigrants around the world. Likewise the Ontario PNP is also the first choice for Canada immigration by the immigrants.

It provides variety of steams:

It provides variety of steams Ontario PNP comes in a variety of streams to choose from as per the needs of the immigrants. The streams are given below: Ontario Express Entry ; General Category/Employer Category; International Student Category; and Business Category

The processing time of the Ontario PNP:

The processing time of the Ontario PNP Ontario is one of the Canada provinces which is known for the fast track Ontario immigration application processing. Ontario immigration authority usually assesses the applications within 60-90 calendar days, however there are streams for which the processing time might take up to 120 days.

High standard of living:

High standard of living The employees’ income in Ontario is ranked among the highest in Canada. The average annual family income in Ontario is around 75,000 Canadian Dollars. More income assures higher standard of living in Ontario.

Ontario PNP through Canada Express Entry :

Ontario PNP through Canada Express Entry Ontario nomination program also picks up the Express Entry profiles of the well qualified candidates who meet all the Ontario nomination program eligibility. Candidates of the Canada Express Entry can get lucky enough to be invited for the Ontario nomination program if they are capable of filling the labour gaps in the Ontario labour market.

Ontario as a prosper province:

Ontario as a prosper province Ontario PNP is full of work opportunities and labour opportunities for the skilled workers from all around the world. Ontario immigration provides a well settled and vibrant environment for its residents. It consists of many provincial and national parks to visit. It also harbours the best North American universities.

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