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ITA Invitation to Apply - An Important Step of the Canada Immigration Process If you’ve taken a smart move of immigrating to the maple country then it’s always important to stay tuned about the latest Canada Immigration News so that you don’t miss out on anything important such as the latest draws changes in the policies and procedures and many more. Well in order to experience a stress-free journey it’s important to receive an Invitation to Apply from the IRCC Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada. An ITA can make the entire Canada Immigration process as smooth as a knife in the butter. Moreover after getting an Invitation you’ll also receive one messages from the IRCC as to which program to apply under and what’s the entire process of applying so that you can apply for the Permanent Residence with great ease and accomplish your dream of living a new life in the maple country. It’s always better to keep one thing in mind that having an ITA doesn’t guarantee that you’ll receive the Permanent Residency. If you want to get the hold of the PR Visa Card you need to meet the eligibility requirements carefully without any glitches. It’s always important to meet the relevant criteria for the program you’ve chosen because even a single folly can result in the denial of your visa. Note to Consider : If you’ve applied via the Express Entry Program then post receiving the ITA you can be asked to validate the information that you’ve provided in your profile. If your information is

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found false or inaccurate then the IRCC has the power to deny your application or even give you a punishment such as: Being stopped from taking an Entry in the maple country Being Barred from applying Under any Visa for a period of 5 years What to do Post Receiving an ITA Post receiving an Invitation to apply you’ve 60 days-time to submit your application for the Permanent Residence. So make sure to complete the following such as: Check the IELTS Language Proficiency Test Results Being proficient in any of the language be it English or French is mandatory if you want to fly to the maple country. For this you need to appear for the tests i.e. IELTS For English and TEF for French. These language test results have a validity of 2 years. So make sure that these results doesn’t expire. If the results got expired then you will be asked to appear for the test again. Always make sure that you apply for the Permanent Residence before the expiry of the test results otherwise your ITA will be denied. Gain the Police Clearance Certificate If you want to settle into the maple country on a permanent basis you need to prove that you’ve a good character by submitting your PCC certificate. This certificate indicates that you’ve no criminal records in the past or the present and have a good character. The PCC takes a long time to get processed so it’s always possible to apply for it as early as possible so that you don’t face any delays in the entire process. Check the Eligibility Requirements of the Program you’re Applying Under So now if you’ve decided as to which program to apply under it’s essential to have a look at the eligibility requirements so that there is no complication at a later stage. All you can do is you can check the program requirements online and fulfil them without any hitch.

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