What is the Minimum Canada Immigration Points Requirement in 2020

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What is the Minimum Canada Immigration Points Requirement in 2020 Dreaming of Canada Immigration in 2020 Well it’s probably the most fruitful decision you can ever make that can help you enter the castle of success with great ease. Prior to taking this smart move you must be well aware about minimum scores required for moving to the maple leaf country. Well as per the latest Canada Immigration News 67-points or the Federal Skilled Worker’s Points is the minimum score that you require if you want to accomplish your goal of getting hold of the Permanent Residency Visa in 2020. So as per this article explore the concept of the 67-point system and how to achieve the desired score. First of all catch a glimpse of what Factors are included in the 67-point system. Get 67 out of 100 Apply Under the Federal Skilled Worker’s Program Language Efficiency – Max 28

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Level of Education – Max 25 Relevant Work Experience – Max 15 Age – Max 12 Arranged Employment – Max 10 Close Connections in Canada – Max 10 The IRCC Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada uses the 67 point system to evaluate your profile for immigration under the Federal Skilled Workers Program. These scores decide whether you qualify for the program or not. It is the minimum score that you need to achieve if you want get hold of the Permanent Residency without any hassle. Let’s Understand each of the above 6 Selection Factors in Great Detail Language Dexterity It is only selection factor that can help you grab 28 scores. Well English and French are the two official languages that’re spoken in the maple country. So if you wish to move to the land of maple leaves having mastery and a good command in any of the languages is must. For this you need to appear for an IELTS test and score maximum marks in all the four abilities such as reading writing listening and speaking. Level of Education This selection factor can help you grab 25 points. You all might be aware that education plays a vital role in the development of an individuals. Well higher the education higher will be the points. Suppose if you’ve a doctorate’s degree you can easily fetch 25 scores. In order to prove that your education meets the Canadian Education standards it’s advisable to submit an ECA Educational Credential Assessment report. Relevant Work Experience You need to have a one-year of relevant work experience if you want to apply under the FSWP. Moreover that experience should be paid and full time as any unpaid experience doesn’t counts. More the years of experience more will be your points and more will be your chances of getting the Permanent Residency Visa approved. Age Factor Age plays a vital role for the ones who want to realize your dream of getting the PR. You must be minimum 18 years old if you want to apply under the FSWP. Moreover if you want to achieve maximum scores you need to be between the age group of 18-35. The maple country is always in search of young professionals who have the vim and vigour to contribute towards the economy and bridge the gap in the labour market. Arranged Employment Having a valid job offer from a Canadian Employer can help you grab 10 points. So scrounge for a job and get an offer letter. A job offer should be full time for at least 1 year and should be based on your education and the experience that you’ve.

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