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Thinking of Canada Immigration Know How the Immigration Points Calculator Works in 2020 If you’ve a dream of migrating to some other country then undoubtedly Canada is an ideal destination that can give your dreams the beautiful wings to fly high in the blissful blue sky. Pondering about Canada Immigration Well before taking any further step or commencing with the Canada PR Process you need to get a deep insight into how the Immigration Point Calculator Works. Now to talk about Immigration points these are the points that check your eligibility as to whether you’re eligible to apply under the various programs of not. Basically the immigration points consist of 100 points out of which you need to score 67 points if you want to apply under any program and ultimately realize your dream of settling in the maple country permanently. So the points calculator evaluates the profile of the candidate on the basis of certain parameters such as age years of work experience Level of education efficiency in language good connections in Canada or Arranged employment. If you’re applying via the Federal Skilled Worker Program as a skilled worker you need to score 67 points on the Canada Immigration Points Calculator 2020. Once you core 67 points you can easily apply under PNP Provincial Nominee Program as well. Now let’s dive into How the Canada Immigration Points Calculator Works Well there are 6 parameters upon which your profile is evaluated and given scores. The parameters are: Age Maximum 12 Points

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This factor can give you a maximum 12 points. If you’re between the age group of 18-35 you get a maximum 12 points. The point starts to decline with an increase in age. You might be aware that Canadian Government always welcomes the skilled and the young professionals with open arms who can in turn contribute to the economy as a whole. The age calculation is done from the day IRCC receives your application. Language Dexterity Maximum 24 Points Being proficient in either English or French can help you earn a maximum 24 points. All you need to do is appear for the IELTS For English and TEF for French and try to score maximum bands in all of the four abilities Reading writing listening and speaking. Educational Qualification Maximum 25 Points Higher the qualification higher will be the scores and ultimately higher will be your chances to get hold of the Canada PR Visa Card. A person having a doctorate’s degree will get a maximum 25 points and so on. Having a bachelor’s degree is a must if you want to apply for Canada PR. Relevant Years of Work Experience Maximum 15 Points You need to have one year of relevant work experience either full-time or part-time all depending upon the Canada Immigration Program you choose. More the years of work experience more will be your points and more will be the chances of getting a Canada PR. Connections in Canada Maximum 10 Points It’sanother parameter that can help you get a maximum of 10 points. If you’ve any valid connections in the maple country you’ll be given points on the basis of their study their education etc. Arranged Employment in Canada Maximum 10 Points If you’ve a valid job offer from a Canadian employer you get maximum 10 points on the Canada Immigration Points Calculator. So try your best to get a secured job offer from an employer of Canada.

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