Continous Improvement 12.10

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Completing Three Panel:

1 Completing Three Panel Define Issue Find Cause of Issue Activate Solution Evaluate Be sure to complete Team and Date

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2 ▶Operator to acknowledge proper routing of clearance of WCS connection Make sure seatbelt wire is routed through clip as shown below. 12/20/10 Imp Date Team 4 Resp Lear Montgomery Issuer ■ Seatbelt Wire in front of ECU module where tester connects Cause (□ Design, ■ Part, □ ASSY, □ Evaluation, □ Other) Solution ■ Seats failing WCS tester Issues ▣ WCS Failures FDR UPR MTG hole move

Five Steps of Continuous Improvement:

3 Five Steps of Continuous Improvement Five Guidelines Plan Implement Evaluation Review Commitment

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