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Hi..Can you please email me a copy of "Training - Business Etiquette " on [email protected] please? Regards Divya

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…embedding fun in social change Best Viewed in Full Screen

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The Issue “W e continue to experience social problems around the world; young people getting won over by decay in society . The way of thinking gets corrupt, and goodwill gets taken over by greed and selfish ambition.” - Voices of Youth

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The Question Would we continue to see this happen? Can’t we salvage what is good in society and make it dominant? Can’t we create a platform that breeds solution by harnessing the passion and professionalism that the youth possesses? Is it not possible?

What is #LLM?:

The Idea has not changed. It has only grown. We strongly believe in the power of arts and music as tool for social change, as well as rightly harnessing the passion the youth possess. What is #LLM?

How do we come in?:

Whether we like it or not, we are to step up to the wheels of change and stir the society in the direction we want it to go. The #LLM creates the environment where youths can actually have a say, and go one more step in effecting the change they want to see in society. How do we come in?

What’s on offer?:

What’s on offer?

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The Cafe The #LLM Café doubles as a place where themed-events take place, as well as anywhere the #LLM V-Corp members converge to perform community building activities.

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The Volunteer Corporation The #LLM V-Corp is a pool of volunteers that subscribe to the #LLM idea and have skills, proficiencies and competences that can help implement ideas that are cooked up in the Café.

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Offline Mode After an idea has been generated at the cafe, interested persons and stakeholders are alerted. A team is formed in a few weeks with a structure that gets to cover all areas and give idea implementation a high degree of certainty.

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Online Mode: The V-Hub This is similar to the offline mode, but instead of initiating a convergence at the Cafe, projects/ideas can be initiated virtually through the portal - "The LLM V-Hub". The #LLM V-Hub is an online space that allows for V-Corp members and other stakeholders to either create projects or join projects

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Impact: The LLM Café A platform where youth can express their perceptions, and then go further to participate in providing solutions. A convergence of young people anytime, anywhere to act as change makers and community builders. Breeding networks, and relationships that aim at social change.

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Impact: The LLM V-Corp We sought to give every youth the ability to become a community builder. Harnessing the passion and professionalism exhibited by youth, we look to direct into developmental activities A hub where collaboration between youth and other stakeholders can take place

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learning creating Embedding Fun in: volunteering collaborating organizing

What’s Up?:

What’s Up? We’ve gone ahead to start some things including: Created press/media database to facilitate releases and news Created partnership with youth organization and bodies Created partnership with corporate sponsors Designed a first project – “A beautiful Mess” Created a database of volunteers [growing] Estimated cost and expenses for The LLM Café and V-Hub

What Next?:

What Next? We can’t afford to slow down, so we want to: Execute maiden project – “A beautiful Mess” Launch first series of The LLM Café projects and The V-Hub Grow volunteer database Build relationships with stakeholders: Corporate, Government, etc. [ insert here]

What to do with €20,000 :

What to do with €20,000 Super cool brand campaign for The LLM Café and V-Corp Running cost of The LLM Café and executing project Running cost for The LLM V-Hub till it’s self sustainable Stipends and Incentives for Volunteers

You can make it happen!:

The Volunteer Corporation All it takes is for you to hit the ‘Vote’ button, and we get 1 step closer to actually effecting social change. We are ready! Are you? You can make it happen!

Online Resource:

Online Resource @ lovelifemusic _ l LoveLifeMusic

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…embedding fun in social change Thank You. Your Vote Counts.