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Subject complement :

Subject complement Subject complement Subject complement may be a noun, pronoun, adjective or adverb.

Subject + is/am/are +complement.:

Subject + is/am/are +complement. He is my brother. Noun It is mine. pronoun We are happy. adjective He is there. Adverb

Subject + am/is/are +not +complement :

Subject + am/is/are +not +complement He is not my brother.

Subject + is/am/are +infinitive (to +verb):

Subject + is/am/are +infinitive (to +verb) I am to go to Jiapur . I am to telephone to my friend.

Possession :

Possession Subject + have/has + noun/ I have a car. Subject + have/has +adjective + noun. I have a beautiful car.

Compulsion :

Compulsion Subject + have/has + infinitive I have to go to station. I have to study .

Specific use of do/does/did :

Specific use of do/does/did Subject +do/does/did +verb+… .. I do go there . Do+ have + noun+ …. Do have a cup of tea.(have a cup of tea please.)

Use of ‘It’ as subject :

Use of ‘It’ as subject It + ‘be’ form + noun/pronoun It is me./ it is I It is cold.

It+ ‘be’ form verb +noun /pronoun+ clause. :

It+ ‘be’ form verb +noun /pronoun+ clause. It is he who is responsible. It was Suresh who wrote a book.

It+’be’form verb+adjective/noun+infinitive :

It+’be’form verb+adjective / noun+infinitive It is nice to sit here with you. It+‘be’form verb+adjective / noun+gerund Is nice meeting you here.

It+’be’form verb+ for+ noun/pronoun + infinitive :

It +’be’ form verb+ for+ noun/pronoun + infinitive It is a very beautiful girl to find a handsome husband.

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