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Quita Mazzina, Executive Director Dr. Karla Brestle, Medical Director REGIONAL, HIGH-QUALITY, HIGH-VOLUME SPAY/NEUTER CLINICS

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1970 115/1000 2002 15.7/1000 United States

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1985 238/1000 2000 35/1000 North Carolina

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Where we started… Staff in 1994 Transport vehicle in 1994

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1994 86/1000 2007 20/1000 Asheville, NC

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2001 49/1000 2007 19/1000 Transylvania County, NC

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The National Spay/Neuter Response Team (NSNRT) Sponsored in 2008 by:

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The heartbeat of the clinic

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MANDATORY Train in HA medical protocol Visiting vet must secure temporary NC license Volume for sustainability (25/5/48) $120,000 - does not include renovation Cooperative team Consistently measure performance Budgeting – revenue and expense Inventory control and costs

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How to Expedite the Shooting Down of Bad Ideas By Bert Troughton

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NSNRT Clinics

From 0 to 60…in 8 months : 

From 0 to 60…in 8 months :

NSNRT Application : 

NSNRT Application For the Humane Alliance model to be successful, you must be able to perform a minimum of 25 surgeries per day, 5 days per week, 48 weeks per year. We suggest you have a minimum population of 250,000 within the 90-mile radius of the proposed clinic site.

NSNRT Flowchart : 

NSNRT Flowchart

Month One : 

Month One Complete an assessment of your community Develop a regional coalition

What is a regional clinic? Who does it serve? : 

What is a regional clinic? Who does it serve? Serves the population in need for a 90-mile radius surrounding the clinic Approximately 1,000,000 citizens in WNC

Community Partnership : 

Community Partnership Operate a free transport service Service 24 counties/39 animal welfare groups in Western NC Traveled more than 65,000 miles and transported over 15,000 companion animals to the clinic for sterilization surgery in 2007

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The work of these organizations is executed almost exclusively by volunteers These groups we work with raised $390,000 to assist in the cost of spay/neuter in 2007

Month Two : 

Month Two Schedule and visit Humane Alliance in Asheville, NC Complete and submit the NSNRT application Define and begin grant writing and fundraising Develop a timeline for your organization’s clinic opening

Month Eight : 

Month Eight Send entire staff to Humane Alliance for one week of training NSNRT Training Team comes to your clinic for two weeks of training Clinic Open! Plan and schedule an open house for opening week to answer questions from the public and local vets

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The Grand Opening

Humane Alliance Training Center New in 2008 : 

Humane Alliance Training Center New in 2008 Providing optimal conditions to promote strategies, techniques, and best practices for designing, developing, delivering, and managing high-volume, high-quality, affordable surgical sterilizations.

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You Can Do It Spay-Neuter for DUMMIES Do It Yourself Guidelines

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Humane Alliance National Spay Neuter Response Team Asheville, North Carolina