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Hotjar A l t e r n a t i v e Get the best version !

Looking Up For a Growth Propeller Tool?:

Looking Up For a Growth Propeller Tool? AN OPTIMIZATION TOOL WITH MORE THAN JUST INSIGHTS Here is the right conversion optimization tool for you – NotifyVisitors heatmap. Start analyzing multiple domains with just one- code installation!

Listen to What Customers Say:

Listen to What Customers Say REAL-TIME INSIGHTS ARE QUITE RELEVANT TO BUSINESS GROWTH NotifyVisitors heatmap allows us to hold a customer’s grip and see what he feels about us”.


Evaluate how users are interacting 2 By taking note of each of users’ clicks and mouse hovers, we have been able to restore the lost charms of website. 1 Our website traffic is amplified by multiple digits after we have started using NotifyVisitors’ heatmaps.

Is The Right Alternative to Hotjar?:

Is The Right Alternative to Hotjar?


With NotifyVisitors, you can track the activities and intentions of unlimited visitors.


Get the opportunity to optimize your website and turn it into its best version. RIGHT A L T E R N A T I V E

Get it now and reflect them in your business!:

Get it now and reflect them in your business! Easily integratable with the other apps and quick set-up and installation, it lets you see the analytics in an integrated platform.


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Change visitors’ perception each time ; they fail to see what you want to show them. Get a heatmap report for unlimited visitors. WHAT MAKES NOTIFYVISITORS HEATMAPS EXEPTIONAL Get a preview of your heatmap graphs on real- time webpages instead of the screenshots. Take a look at the live recording sessions of the users. NotifyVisitors heatmap allows you to track more prominent websites with larger audiences over longer spans. We can serve larger audiences.


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