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Progressive Web App:

Progressive Web App An app like mobile web experience. Faster, lighter & personalized


Progressive Web Application is relatively new to the marketing technology. The term coined by Google chrome developers for software development methodology was launched in 2015 at the Chrome Dev Summit and is an engineered fusion of features of both a website and an application.

10 key features as listed by Google Developers:

10 key features as listed by Google Developers

Progressive :

Progressive Built on progressive enhancement as a core tenant, makes it easily available on browsers.


With the use of a simple UI, CSS libraries and frameworks like Bootstraps, PWA makes itself easily adaptable to all kinds of devices.

3. Safe:

3. Safe Operates via TLS to ensure data safety.

4. Connectivity Independent:

4. Connectivity Independent Enhanced use of service workers allows it to work with low quality or no internet connection.


5. Apps like The app is initially cached on the device with a shell and minimal page refreshers.

6. Fresh:

6. Fresh New content is easily available to the user due to the service update worker process.

7. Discoverable:

7. Discoverable Easily discoverable on search engines as traffic automatically increases on your site.

8. Re-engageable:

8. Re-engageable Tools like push notification come handy as instant pop-ups help establish and engage the virtual relation with the user.


9. Installable the fuss around an app store to download one is removed completely occupying much less storage on the device and directing users to the website when the app shell is clicked.


10. Linkable A medium channel is not required, can be accessed by sharing the page URL.


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