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Electronic Waste Data Destruction - Need of the Hour E-waste represents 70 of Americas overall toxic waste. Worldwide 20 to 50 million metric tons of e-waste is disposed of every year. And these numbers include the e-waste that is thrown in the dumping ground. If it had been gone through electronic waster destruction then we wouldnt have such huge dump in our dumping grounds. This toxic waste has an adverse effect on our environment. The worse part is the waste dumped on those grounds is not actually waste. Some of the equipment was just not in use. If gone through a proper channel through electronic waste data destruction then a lot of this could have been reduced

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The need of the hour is to encourage the companies to responsibly get rid of their e-waste. Throwing the unused IT assets or broken assets is not environment-friendly. And throwing the storage devices or reselling it without proper electronic waste data destruction process isnt safe for you as well. Hard drives contain sensitive data and if it goes into the wrong hands will cost you much more than you can expect. All the IT assets are shredded into small pieces for later use except batteries hard drives and other devices that can cause an explosion while shredding. Batteries must be treated destroyed separately. If hard disks can be re-used then we recommend that you reuse or resell it only after completely destroying the data on it. If you dont want to resell it just follow the standard end of life hardware destruction procedure straight and make it available for recycling purpose.

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