What smart health choices should we make in the coming times

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list of reasons why switching to chemical-free sanitary pads is a smart health choice in the coming times


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What Smart Health Choices Should We Make in The Coming Times The menstruation cycle is one of the most important phases in female life that lasts up to at least a minimum of 43 years of age. Maintaining hygiene and opting for proper sanitation measures becomes of utmost importance while you are chumming. Maintaining proper hygiene while you are amid menstruation keeps you away from allergies and infections. Several menstrual hygiene products like sanitary napkins carefree panty liners etc. are readily available in the market that helps in maintaining female hygiene in her years of menstruation. Non-biodegradable synthetic sanitary napkins are used by a wide array of women around the world but disposal of such sanitary napkins has become a top concern as it causes environmental pollution to a large extent. Synthetic sanitary napkins consist of certain chemicals that remain harsh on the skin and pollute the soil as well when disposed of. Non-biodegradable pads composite of various chemicals and are made up of synthetic fibers and cellulose with a very little portion of cotton content. Synthetic pads take up to 500-800 years to decompose completely thereby causing pollution and making the soil less fertile. Time is now changing and we are stepping into the new world its time to make the smart health choices that prevent the environment from destroying completely. Since today a large portion of women are unaware of the prevalence of organic sanitary products that remain supple on the skin as well as on the environment. Switching on to chemical-free sanitary pads or organic carefree panty liners made of cotton fiber is a healthy and smart choice in the coming times. Chemical-free sanitary pads remain soft and supple on the sensitive vaginal skin and protect it from any rashes allergies infections. A smart organic alternative to maintain female hygiene

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during menstruation. The hype created in recent times around chemical-free sanitary pads is all worth it. Here is a list of reasons why switching to chemical-free sanitary pads is a smart health choice in the coming times: 1. Safe for environment The organic and chemical-free sanitary napkins are biodegradable in nature thus protecting the environment from getting polluted. You do not have to worry while disposing of an organic sanitary napkin as it will biodegrade on its own within a few months of disposal unlike synthetic sanitary napkins that take years to biodegrade completely resulting in making soil unfertile. It does not leach the soil and pollute the environment like synthetic sanitary napkins that use cellulose in large portions. If environmental factors are kept in mind organic sanitary napkins are completely safe. 2. Remains soft and supple on the skin Chemical-free sanitary pads and carefree panty liners are made up of natural substances like wood pulp bamboo fibers cotton unlike synthetic pads which are made up of cellulose. Organic cotton pads remain soft and supple on the skin without causing any discomfort on the sensitive skin. Chemical-free sanitary napkins prevent allergies irritation rashes vaginal diseases in women.

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3. Breathability is an add on merit to the list Biodegradable cotton sanitary pads allow your vaginal skin to breathe freely by maintaining proper air circulation to the vagina. It helps in reducing the risk of sweating irritation and bad odor. 4. Highly absorbent properties Nowadays chemical-free sanitary pads are designed with high absorbent properties to keep you dry throughout. Multiple layers are placed to prevent and lock leakage. 5. Safe on skin Chemical-free sanitary pads are safe on sensitive vaginal skin as it is free from toxic substances and chemicals such as plastics perfumes bleaches etc. If you have not yet thought about opting for organic sanitary products now is the time. Switching to organic or chemical-free sanitary options is a smarter choice for female health and hygiene. It

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prevents various infections and allergies and prevents the environment from destroying further as well. Visit for Organic Sanitary Pads https://www.noraa.in/

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