top 7 mistakes to avoid in a photography website

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7 Mistakes to Avoid on Photography Website:

7 Mistakes to Avoid on Photography Website

 7 Deadly Mistakes:

 7 Deadly Mistakes Use of flash sites Wrong image size No social media integration No SEO Techniques

 7 Deadly Mistakes:

 7 Deadly Mistakes No contact page Using generic theme No watermarks

1.  Use of Flash Sites :

1.  Use of Flash Sites thing of the past search engines are unable to read text in a Flash site more difficult to rank on top of any search engines no to flash sites

2. Wrong Image Size:

2. Wrong Image Size Strive for good image size restrict quantity of photos  pick very best shots

3. No Social Media Integration:

3. No Social Media Integration Social media marketing promote helpful links, blog articles, photos similar to recommendations 

4. Not Applying SEO Techniques:

4. Not Applying SEO Techniques optimize website short but detailed title leave out any spaces make use of dashes rather than spaces titles no more than 3 to 4 words keywords in the title

5. No Contact Page:

5. No Contact Page contact page form e-mail address contact number

6. Using Generic Theme:

6. Using Generic Theme Purchase premium theme  pay a web designer to do it

7. No Watermarks on Photos:

7. No Watermarks on Photos Place watermarks with your site address

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