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Success Tip Failure is the key to success What if I told you the ultimate strategy for success is to suck Sounds ridiculous right But theres some wisdom in there. In a moment Im going to share that with you. Hi everyone. My name is Omar Hameed and Im an expert at changing human behavior. And I was just interviewing Wayne Johnson. Hes the president of Lafayette Pictures and he was telling me about his start in show business. He got inside his head that you know I want to write a book about my life story. And he started writing this book and it turned out to be you know 200 pages 300 pages. And it was like a big ugly project. And he said thats too much hard work. So Im going to give up on the book. But Im to turn this into a screenplay. It would be like 90 pages 100 pages. I could do that. So he writes this screenplay and he realizes it kind of sucks. So he gets a script doctor to make it better and then he starts pitching it to studios and managers. And nobody wants to buy his screenplay. But he gets noticed and people say you know youre right pretty well. There are some movies that need to be made. Were going to hook you up with some filmmakers. And he gets his first gig to write a script for a movie. And hes done a lot of impressive things since then. But had he waited to write the perfect book he probably would not have been done. And if it was done itll turn out to be like a paperweight. If you waited for the perfect script he probably never would have gone out to find agents. The trick to achieving your dreams and becoming exceptional is to get it outside of your head your heart getting out there in the real world whether its writing the script whether its starting a business whether its asking somebody incredibly attractive out for a date whatever it is go out there and do it. And the doing of it gives you the experience you need to get better. The only thing you need to do is dont beat yourself up. If you dont do something exceptional which you need to do is learn that its feedback feedback feedback no matter how well you do. Even if you did like a phenomenal job on your very first time out theres always ways to improve. So I dont want you to be a perfection machine. I want you to be a better machine. And what that means is just create and you know as soon as youve created it you can do better better better.

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Thats how superstars that have those overnight successes achieved that its not. The overnight success is the 100 attempts they did to get the experience the expertise the passion the tenacity to be successful. And thats my biggest wish for you. I want you to suck. I want you to create and I want you to get better. And the fourth attempt that you do youre going to be fabulous baby. And if you like these kinds of tips coming your way just go to my website at No Limits selling dot com and hope to see you on the next episode.