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Introduction : 

We are here to talk about the war in Iraq. In this presentation we will include: Our hypothesis Brief information on this subject What triggered the war. What people have thought & said about this war. What has been happening over time. What the two parties think of each other. Evidence to prove our hypothesis Facts and Statistics about the war Introduction

Brief Information : 

In 2002 it was revealed that Tony Blair had agreed to support US President George W. Bush for an invasion of Iraq, with the aim of removing Saddam Hussein from power. The Iraq War is an ongoing military project which began on March 20, 2003. It began by a multinational force led by troops from the United States and the Untied Kingdom. Brief Information 0 0 0 WANT HIM DEAD

What triggered the war? : 

What triggered the war? There are many reasons to what triggered the war in Iraq. Here are some: Land Oil production The killing of Saddam Hussein

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1.Who do you think triggered the war? Britain [ ] Iraq [ ] Don’t know [ ] 2.Do you think it was right? Yes [ ] No [ ] Don’t Know [ ] 3.Do you think war solves problems? Yes [ ] No [ ] Don’t Know [ ] 4.Is Iraq a real danger to us? Yes [ ] No [ ] Don’t Know [ ] 5.Have Britain exaggerated the threat posed on us by this third world country? Yes [ ] No [ ] Don’t Know [ ] 6.Do you think it is a war for goods such as oil etc.? Yes [ ] No [ ] Don’t Know [ ] 7.Should we attack the other dozen of countries which pose more threat to us? Yes [ ] No [ ] Don’t Know [ ] 8.Do you think it will affect fellow believers in other parts of the world? Yes [ ] No [ ] Don’t Know [ ] 9.Do you think Iraq would take revenge after the British have retreated? Yes [ ] No [ ] Don’t Know [ ] 10.Do you think the British will have control over Iraq? Yes [ ] No [ ] Don’t Know [ ] There have been many opinions about the war which tells you how people felt about it. We have done some investigations and gave people at different age groups a questionnaire to fill in. Here are the questions: How did the war effect the world?

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And here are our results: Results We have got the results from the questions and put them into graphs. We have made three graphs: 1st graph 2nd graph

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Results cont.

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