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The Chi Lin Purse:

The Chi Lin Purse By: Linda Fang Told by: Linda Fang Re-Told by: Linda Fang Read by: Linda Fang Commented by: Linda Fang Copyrighted by: Linda Fang Created by Nicholas Miller & Friends Production began on: Thursday, ‎January ‎29, ‎2009, ‏‎2:00:20 PM


Also: Movie made by: Linda Fang Narration by: Linda Fang Sub-topics by: Linda Fang Bought by: Linda Fang Words made by: Linda Fang Text written by: Linda Fang Names by: Linda Fang Characters by: Linda Fang


& Pictures by: Linda Fang Coffee Stains by: Linda Fang Grape Jelly recipe by: Linda Fang Crazy Inventions by: Linda Fang Mental Institute built by: Linda Fang Dirty Jokes made by: Linda Fang Crazy thoughts by: Linda Fang


MORE????!!! Yes, by : Linda Fang Fun Facts about Barrow, Alaska by: Linda Fang Communist Dictatorship: Linda Fang Communist Revolution by: Linda Fang Isolating Cuba by: Linda Fang Writing corny books like this one, by: Linda Fang Radiation Poisening by: Linda Fang


AREN’T YOU DONE YET!!!!! Nuclear Power plants blown up by: Linda Fang Creepy Wal-Mart workers by: Linda Fang Mentally challenged rats brought to life by: Linda Fang The End of Linda Fang by: Linda Fang

Kill me NOW:

Kill me NOW Sorry, that is only for: Linda Fang Inappropriate gestures by: Linda Fang Toxic Waste made by: Linda Fang Chinese poverty caused by: Linda Fang Titanic purposely sunk by: Linda Fang


U CRAZY WOMEN! Yes that is: Linda Fang Hiroshima Bombs launched by: Linda Fang Radio Disney hosted by the one, the only: Linda Fang Michael Jackson’s Ideas by: Linda Fang Grammy Winning Record by: Linda Fang

Slide 8:

The great wall of china built by: Linda Fang The head to the Lewinski Scandal was: Linda Fang China’s official representative to Victoria’s Secret is: Linda Fang


State of the Union address thought of by: Linda Fang President of large women USA club: Linda Fang Headmaster to ‘Harry Potter’ at Hogwarts (an imaginary school): Linda Fang #7(Spitzer’s Favorite) is actually: Linda Fang

Y u doing this to me!:

Y u doing this to me! California’s Ban on Hobos by: Linda Fang Hilary Clinton’s feelings felt by: Linda Fang Abraham Lincoln getting shot thanks to: Linda Fang Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood brought to you by: Linda Fang

What the ‘heck’! :

What the ‘heck’! Barney’s best Buddy is: Linda Fang Children cooked by: Linda Fang The invention of stairs by: Linda Fang

Slide 12:

Fergilicious describes:Linda Fang Popular girls verbally slapped by: Linda Fang Linda Fang hunting and finding out how to get Hitler by: Linda Fang


Muahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!! How to be Cannibal and have fun with it by: Linda Fang Linda Fang’s arm ripped off by: Linda Fang’s evil twin Lindie Fang Flo Rida’s IQ is smarter than: Linda Fang (even if she spins his head right round)

Slide 14:

Miley Cyrus is actually : Linda Fang Michael Jackson overdosed thanks to his doctor: Linda Fang The inventor of the Hindenburg was obviously: Linda Fang Twenty-Five pianos dropped by: Linda Fang

Chart of Linda Fang’s Yearly Doings:

Chart of Linda Fang’s Yearly Doings

Chart Continued:

Chart Continued As you can see, Linda Fang’s Funky Music Records are up, so she doesn’t need to steal as many dogs, but she still has an supreme obsession with purchasing Handbags.



Places Visited:

Places Visited

Say What?:

Say What? Self Portrait by: Linda Fang What are you doing here?

What Linda Loves:

What Linda Loves Herself Handbags Ex. Chi Lin Purses Canada Violence Ke$ha


Look-A-Likes Basically Twins Linda Fang Ke$ha

Where In The World Is Linda?:

Where In The World Is Linda?

What Does Linda Hate?:

What Does Linda Hate? Her sister, Lindie Fang. Ugg Boots All Residents of Cuba and Finland Fake Handbags

The End: