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Flying creature issue is one of the serious issues looked by the draftsmen, creators and property proprietors nowadays. With immense interests in the structures and models, there is a worry of keeping up them also. Winged creature droppings can harm practically any structured material. The amassed droppings can harm rooftops and dividers. They can even stop up drains, stain paint and consume constructional shafts. Above all, these droppings can crush the magnificence of your significant structures and decrease the estimation of your speculation.


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Bird Netting – Keeping Pest Birds at Bay Pigeono is a leading organization for manufacturing optimum quality pigeon net. This bird repellent net is made using the high-quality material so that it will prevent the birds entering the covered premises without harming them. Also these nets are manufactured in large sizes which are very useful in covering agricultural fields to keep them safe from birds. There are facilities which have large open areas or semi-enclosed spaces that usually become the nesting ground for pigeons. By covering the area by high-quality bird net you get rid of bird problem once for all. This bird prevention technique is hygienic low on budget and maintenance free.

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How does the Bird Netting work Bird net creates a physical barrier to deter the birds entering the area. This method is applied in most of the developed countries. Be it home offices or farms this bird repellent is barely visible and requires no power supply. The Bird Prevention can be used on following places: • Bridges and underpass • Stadiums • Crops and gardens • Historical buildings • Home and covered porches • Warehouse ceilings. When it comes to bird prevention get 100 effective solution with Bird Netting which is the cost-efficient and sustainable solution to all type of bird problem. If your property is affected by pigeons barn swallow or any other birds all you need is to install the bird net designed by Pigeono to keep the house and crop surrounding area safe.

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