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Weathering And Erosion!!:

Weathering And Erosion!! By: Skylar Grevengoed Annie Sabotta

What Is Weathering?:

What Is Weathering? Weathering is the chemical and physical process that break down rock at the Earth’s surface.

What Is Erosion?:

What Is Erosion? The process by which water, ice, wind. Or gravity moves fragments of rock and soil.

Pictures Of Different Types Of Weathering!:

Pictures Of Different Types Of Weathering!

Pictures Of Weathering And Erosion:

Pictures Of Weathering And Erosion

Causes Of Weathering And Erosion:

Causes Of Weathering And Erosion Causes of weathering and erosion are caused from the suns heat, rain, freezing water, water, wind, and plants asids.

Factors Controlling The Rate Of Erosion:

Factors Controlling The Rate Of Erosion The amount of rain and how hard it rains, the temperature whether it is freezing or extremely hot temperatures.

USGS- Differences Between Erosion And Weathering:

USGS- Differences Between Erosion And Weathering Chemical weathering has a chemical change in at least one mineral in a rock. Mechanical weathering has physical breaks into fragments that don’t change the chemical make-up of minerals inside a rock. Erosion is rock particles that are loosened by either chemical weathering or mechanical weathering, and they more during the process.

What Is Soil Erosion?:

What Is Soil Erosion? Soil that is naturally removed by the action of water or wind. Soil erosion by water, wind, and tillage affects both agriculture and the natural environment.

The Study Of Historic Hopi Buttes Area:

The Study Of Historic Hopi Buttes Area This study examines land use, climate, and their impacts on land surface conditions in the ecologically sensitive Hopi Buttes region of the Navajo Nation.

Erosion in the South West:

Erosion in the South West Erosion is cutting into the southwest Washington beaches. Erosion rates at Cape Shoal water average over 100 feet per year for a century.

Coastal Erosion Prevention:

Coastal Erosion Prevention Beaches form the first line of defense against ocean waves. When beaches erode, the coast is more likely to erode. Building along a coastline can contribute to erosion. Replacing the sand in eroded areas is a better method of protecting the coastline.

Wind Erosion Prevention:

Wind Erosion Prevention Wind erosion happens when the soil is left unprotected by strong winds. The loss of topsoil lowers the quality of the soil. This makes it difficult for crops to grow and more expensive.

Beach Erosion Prevention Study :

Beach Erosion Prevention Study The corps of Engineers Institute for the water resources is part of the water Resources Support Center in Alexandria, Va. It was created in 1969 to analyze and analytical tools to address economic, social, institutional and environmental needs in water resources planning and policy. Since its inception IWR has been a leader in the development of tools and strategies needed to plan and execute corps water resources planning.

Geological Hazards: Landslides :

Geological Hazards: Landslides Landslides constitute a major geologic hazard because they are widespread, occur in all 50 states and U.S territories, and cause $1-2 billion in damage and more the 25 fatalities on average each year.

Federal Emergency Management Agency Landslides and Mudflows:

Federal Emergency Management Agency Landslides and Mudflows Landslides can be caused by a variety of factors including earthquakes, storms, volcanic eruptions, fire, and by humans modifying the land. In a landslide masses of rock, earth or debris move down a slope. Debris and mud flows are rivers of rock, earth, and other debris saturated with water. If these natural disasters do happen FEMA evaluates the damage, distributes money, supplies, and people to help with the cleanup.

Solutions For Weathering!!!:

Solutions For Weathering!!! Solution weathering is another form for chemical weathering. It happens when minerals dissolve in water. This happens because types of rock easily dissolve in rainwater.

Solutions For Soil Erosion!!!:

Solutions For Soil Erosion!!! Livestock grazing rates should be carefully managed to prevent overgrazing. Perhaps we must attempt to restrict highway construction and urbanisation to areas of lower agricultural potential. With extractive industries, a pledge must be secured to restore the land to its former condition before planning permission for quarries or mines is granted.

Thanks For Watching!!! :

Thanks For Watching!!! Hope you enjoyed are presentation!!






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