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This PPT Explains Lead generation process. It also explains market trends that emerge as


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Are you analyzing your lead generation efforts:

Are you analyzing your lead generation efforts


Introduction Lead generation is like a skill and an art from which every business owner and digital marketer should learn and acquire. There is also a science behind lead generation wherein doing a set of processes properly and according to best practices will deliver the desired result. The success and effectiveness of your process will depend on how well you measure the performance of your campaign.

How to measure lead generation efforts:

Often companies only measure the quality of the lead that has been generated, but truth is that just lead quality will not do, lead generation can be more effective if you measure some basic parameters. When it comes to lead measurement there are number of things that one should know like where clients are came from, how many qualified leads were generated and what is my proposal win rate. How to measure lead generation efforts

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Below are some basic parameters you must measure: Total number of leads Lead generated per sales person, territory, vertical Lead quality Number of sales accepted leads Sales rejected leads - dead Sales rejected lead - needs nurturing

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Simply measuring the success of your lead generation by merely measuring the volume of lead generation will not be sufficient; you need to monitor other important metrics, like these ones below: Lead velocity Close to close conversion rate Cost per lead Cost per sale Taking appropriate action based on these metrics will help you to improve and enhance your overall campaign.


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