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By: satishmip (111 month(s) ago)

Dear sir, Good Presentation..PLEASE send me this ppt on my email id- [email protected]

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By , Mr. Nitin M. Kadam [email protected] Layout of Tablet Manufacturing Section


BUILDING & FACILITIES Designed according to cGMP practices which ensures ; Prevention of cross contamination Proper air handling systems. Proper cleaning & sanitary facilities. Proper Lighting Proper Plumbing Proper washing .etc.


LAYOUT It is the organized properly planned Interdepartment and Intradepartment arrangements. Proper layout Increases productivity Helps in proper utilization of MAN MATERIAL MONEY MACHINES


TYPES OF LAYOUT Three Types of layout With 1) Circular Flow 2) Parallel Flow 3) Crossover Traffic

layout with Central warehouse(crossover traffic) : 

layout with Central warehouse(crossover traffic)

Circular flow : 

Circular flow

Parallel flow : 

Parallel flow

Environmental Requirements : 

Environmental Requirements Proper maintenance is required for Product Protection Employee Comfort Controlled Process Parameters

Some Important Aspects : 

Some Important Aspects low Humidity for Effervescent tablets & moisture sensitive drugs. Pressure within areas like mixing & tableting area should remain on negative side than central corridor All areas should be free from dust & floating particles , if possible air conditioned. In coating section suitable exhaust systems There should be properly organized & working air handling system to supply purified air.

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Temp control & Air control should be such that there should be comfortable working environment. And no impact on characteristics of in-process materials such as granulations, raw materials. All areas should be properly ventilated.


LIST OF EQUIPMENTS MIXING, GRANULATION & DRYING AREA Powder mixer Mass mixer / Planetary mixer / Rapid mixer granulator Sifter Granulators (High shear granulator, chilsonator, ) Tray dryer / FBD Weighing Machines

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COMPRESSION AREA Tablet compression machine Single punch / Multipunch / Rotary Punch & Die storage cabinet Tablet deduster Tablet inspection unit or belt. Dissolution testing apparatus IPQC instruments

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COATING AREA Jacketed kettle (steam, gas, Electrically heated) Coating pans Polishing pans Exhaust system Air conditioning & Dehumidification equipment Weighing balance.

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PACKAGING AREA Strip or Blister packaging Machine. Tablet counter Leak tester Air conditioning & Dehumidification equipment

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