Traditional Food of Dubai


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Dubai is one of the world's most exciting dining destinations with multicultural cuisines. Explore now the best dishes and best food in Dubai.


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Traditional Food of Dubai:

Traditional Food of Dubai


z z Manousheh Manousheh is the local pizza is an apt choice for the piquant taste buds and proves to be a perfect pick for a luscious breakfast. Stretched dough or flatbread, filled with exotic toppings like salty Akkawi cheese, earthy zaatar herbs and olive oil.

Chelo Kebab:

z z Chelo Kebab Aromatic saffron-scented basmati rice served with a pat of butter on kebabs Chelo Kebab is another name in the list of mouth- watering Dubai foods.

Iranian Sangak:

z z Iranian Sangak Iranian Sangak is a delight that easily paves its way into the list of the best Dubai cuisines. This Iranian leavened flatbread made out of whole wheat is served plain or rectangular in shape.

Al Harees:

z z Al Harees Mostly savoured during Ramadan, Eid and weddings, Al Harees is one of the most traditional foods in Dubai. Wheat, meat, and a pinch of salt, when combined with some hours of baking, produces this really wonderful dish that will leave you craving for a second helping.


z z Tabbouleh Delicious, irrespective of how you spell it. Tabbouleh is a salad, made from tomatoes, green onions and cucumber and is seasoned with fresh mint and lemon juice. Yummy!

Kousa Mahshi:

z z Kousa Mahshi Kousa Mahshi is a classic from the list of best foods in Dubai. Eaten as a main course, it is courgettes or zucchini stuffed with rice.

Shirin Polow Rice:

z z Shirin Polow Rice Thick, crispy tahdig crust, and the wonderful sweet garnishes are responsible for the popularity of this dish. Shirin Polo consists of basmati rice with carrots, currants, raisins, chicken and nuts.

Shish Tawook:

z z Shish Tawook Shish Tawook has made it to the menu of almost every restaurant in Dubai. Served as a traditional kebab, Shish Tawook tastes better when served sandwiched in bread.


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