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With its dynamic landscape and unique demands and challenges, Auto Industry is markedly different than other sectors. The industry’s peculiar characteristics demand a customized ERP solution that will not only take care of the current business needs efficiently but also will help the organizations to stay ahead in the fierce competition & increases dealers profitability. https://bit.ly/2GLcODU


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Get Tailor Made ERP Solution For Your Business In today’s competitive professional world enterprise resource planning has become an integral part of every business. An effective ERP solution not only integrates various departments of a company in a single computer system but also standardizes and automates its business processes and also caters to specific needs of each department which increases dealers profitability.

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However one size doesn’t fit all Present day automotive industry has its set of challenges in the form of dynamic business environment globally dispersed supply chains with multi-plant inventories and real-time updates on mobile devices that mandates the need of something more than just an ordinary ERP system for this sector. Benefits of an ideal ERP solution for the auto sector • Reduction in Cost – An ideal ERP system combines different business processes under one roof. Thus a single interface brings together manufacturing finance customer relationship management supply chain management inventory and also encompasses dealership management system. It helps in effective synchronization and efficiency by reducing unwanted costs. Additionally as the single software manages your entire business it saves you from the purchasing maintaining and training costs time and efforts of separate software systems. • Improved customer relationship management – The system not only helps you to contact a wider range of customers with its online presence but also aids you to communicate with your customers at every stage of the purchase process. Better customer relationship management helps customer retention by offering services proactively which is a need of today’s customer-centric era. • Effective planning of supply chain – ERP offers efficient supply chain management by reducing the unnecessary inventory holding cost and maintaining the optimum safety stock at the same time. The dealer management software helps the OEMs to build a strong and reliable network that enables the organization to offer the goods and services to its customers when they require them. • Online Support – Online is today’s mantra Digitization of DMS along with cloud service provider have facilitated automakers the access to the real-time data that ensures the right part is available at the right time and the right place. Customers can avail information online any time without visiting the service station or showroom. This flexibility offers the company an edge over its competitors. • Provides an efficient solution to changing environments – An ERP solution is flexible enough to adapt to the volatilities of today’s automotive industry quickly. With so many technological advances including IoT and connectivity electric vehicles and self-driven cars the industry is currently undergoing and is going to experience many changes. An ideal ERP is the one that is ready to handle all this without major disruption or cost.

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Automotive industry landscape is going through enormous changes and also presents unique demands. A customized ERP solution is the key to success to serve the peculiar needs of the industry and to stay one step ahead of your counterpart.