Improving sales & distribution of FMCG industry with Excellon DMS

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FMCG: Improve your Distribution Visibility with Excellon DMS FMCG or Fast Moving Consumer Products are an integral part of our daily routines and span across a variety of goods that range from beverages and eatables to stationery and home and personal care. True to their name they have a quicker turnaround time as compared to other products and require effective process-chains for timely and efficient replenishment. With the frequent advent of new products and technologies one has to be on the toes to keep up with the FMCG industry and grow with it. Due to the very nature of the goods it caters to the industry faces a range of challenges that need to be tackled to provide a continuous and adequate flow of products to the market and win customer loyalty and in turn business profitability.

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Challenges faced by FMCG – • Unavailability of the goods – It is the most prominent risk due to various reasons including wrong calculation of replenishment levels inadequate or wrong sales forecasting or simply unavailability of the actual stock on hand at the location. It is a disastrous situation as the consumers can quickly switch to the competitor’s products in such circumstances causing insurmountable damage to your business and reputation. • Excess of inventory in hand – It is an exact opposite situation where there is an excess of goods-supply leading to dead money. Every FMCG manufacturer strives to keep the optimum safety stock on hand to save the unnecessary cost. • Discrepancies amongst reporting – Many times the same report from different sources display different figures leading to ambiguity. • Inappropriate tools for distribution management – Sales cannot be tracked by the traditional means of a notebook and pen that has become obsolete in today’s fast- changing and highly demanding market. It is high time to embrace the advanced technology for efficient and accurate tracking. How Excellon helps you in the mission to knock down the challenges – Excellon Software has one point solution named DMS for FMCG to all the above challenges. Excellon-5 – Excellon’s sales and distribution management software effectively takes care of the entire supply chain and efficiently manages all the business functions right from the procurement to sales. • Inventory Management – The dealer management software ensures the stock replenishment of the right product at the right time and right quantity ensuring the product availability in the competitive market with optimum safety stock resulting in the cost saving increasing profitability. • Centralized control on distribution management – Excellon’s dealership management software is renowned for managing huge and complex distribution network. The product offers centralized control and management of the dealership network and also takes care of the complex and stringent taxation effectively.

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• Real-time Data Visibility – With capturing primary and secondary sales data the distribution management software also captures the real-time tertiary sales which are critical to understanding the buying patterns and product popularity amongst the customers. This information is crucial for planning the production and deciding the business strategies to establish as a key player in the competitive FMCG market. Based on the available information the product also helps you manage the schemes and offers. With the sales and distribution management software offered by Excellon you can optimally manage your all business functions of the entire FMCG lifecycle. With stringent dealership management real-time data availability and optimum inventory control it facilitates to plan smart and emerge as a competitive player in the global market.