Can A DMS Affect Customer Satisfaction and Sales


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With other components such as inventory tracking, Store Operations Management and Supply Chain planning built into the software, Excellon's DMS is the ultimate solution to customer satisfaction and sales.


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Can A DMS Affect Customer Satisfaction and Sales The age old adage of ‘Customer is King has never been more true and relevant than it is today. Customers make choices more on their experience with the brand rather than the heritage it belongs to. Simply put the customer has the final word.

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Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Is Not Just Limited To In-Store Footfalls: With most buying decisions being shaped online the challenge that companies face today is to ensure a seamless customer experience that is convenient accessible and clutter-free. This must happen across all levels and channels irrespective of the medium. Innovation and an entrepreneurial mindset are de rigueur. How do you build and retain a loyal customer base when the customer is spoilt for choice Ready accurate and accessible information is what sets you apart from the rest. And this information must be managed and be user-friendly. Enter Dealer Management Systems A dealer management software with a good CRM module can help you decode your customer. Efficient customer relationship management and a clear communication channel can go a long way in customer satisfaction and retention. The key point in deciphering the customer rests on how the data and information are processed once it is received. Excellon Softwares dealer management system is one of its kind. Its CRM module is equipped with all processes and applications required to manage the customer relationship efficiently. Customer Relationship Management Excellon Softwares Customer Relationship Management module gives customer- facing staff detailed information on customers profile purchase history buying preferences and concerns. It not only provides information but also analyses it so that you can strategize to serve your customers in a better fashion. Lead Management Effective Lead Management helps the staff to pursue relevant and important leads. It also helps with the tracking reminder and follow-up process. After Sales Service

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It is not just important to sell to a customer. Another way to understand the customer is to understand his/her experience with your business and to address any grievances faced by them. Good service and fast action are at the heart of customer loyalty and retention. Real Time Data Management The availability of customer profile financial data service complaints and analytical reports in real time helps identify non-performing assets and forecasts demand and supply. With other components such as inventory tracking Store Operations Management and Supply Chain planning built into the software Excellons DMS is the ultimate solution to customer satisfaction and sales. Excellon software helps to streamline all facets of your business with operations for the head-office the back office and all stores being organised centrally. This in turn enables you to track your business in real time making timely decisions.