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Improved Vehicle Servicing With On- Demand Vehicle History Responsible for the supervision of the service department in an auto dealership a service manager has a number of tasks to perform. The primary mediator between the customers mechanics and auto dealership upper management a service manager is responsible for customer satisfaction customer relationship management improved productivity as well as the profitability of the service department. This is a tall order but automotive service managers are generally go- getters who deliver on all these parameters. In order to give the best value to your company as well as your customers an efficient dealership management software is a service managers best friend. Excellon DMS is an end-to-end software product that is known for being cutting-edge yet incredibly simple and easy to use. This cloud-based Dealership Management software is accessible any time and any place as long as you have a basic internet connection. The DMS helps you meet your objectives as a service manager and further your companys goals.

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On-Demand Vehicle History As an auto dealership service manager your customers want the world from you. Excellon DMS and its efficient inventory management software and customer relationship management system help you face each and every unique challenge in your dealership. When a customer brings in a vehicle for servicing there are many factors that a service manager has to address. Data pertaining to the vehicles history shows you any damages that the vehicle has sustained the repair techniques used defects and recall history warranty coverage odometer readings and much more. In a dynamic business like a vehicle dealership having all of this data as well as the customers personal data and preferences is pivotal. However it is also important for all this precious data and service history to be available to you right when you need it and not a moment later. Excellon DMS has a multitude of embedded features such as spare parts management software and on-demand vehicle history and service data. Having this information at the tips of your fingers whenever you need it will enable you to provide improved vehicle servicing standards to your clients. Streamlining Service Operations Excellon DMS helps service managers to automate repair and service operations to increase business agility and operational efficiency. Driving customer experience through improved and proactive operations Excellon DMS also helps minimise costs risk and complexity. Warranty and Claim Management On-demand vehicle history offers you access to a number of pertinent factors such as warranty and insurance details. The DMS features embedded reconciliation for various contracts including warranty extended warranty free services insurance and more. Integrated with claim generation these reconciliation features enable you to improve service standards for the customers and boost revenue and profits for your business. Conceptualised key support system for the after-sales network of dealers and distributors Excellon DMS features efficient service management software and solutions that help you manage every phase of your service-centric organisation.