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Excellon Assist is a Cloud-based comprehensive Aftermarket Management Software. Visit Excellon Software to get more idea.


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Customers Demand A Greater Degree of Efficiency Is Your Organization Ready Todays fast-paced business world is driven by customers who demand a greater degree of efficiency than ever before. This makes customer relationship management CRM strategies an organisations best friend. In an automotive dealership you have to focus on improved customer relations as well as better business processes. This is where Excellon Dealer Management System comes in Excellon DMS is a powerful and simple dealership management software system that facilitates CRM goals. By helping you maximise your customer information and

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broaden the scope and reach of the data to everyone within your business organisation Excellon DMS makes the path to better CRM and business success that much easier. Revolutionary CRM Strategies Customers are more than happy to make their thoughts about your business and customer service loud and clear. This feedback is the wealth of any organisation. If you are ready to listen to what your customers have to say and make the changes implicit in those needs your organisation will face every CRM test. The average vehicle buyer takes his/her search for an automobile online before anywhere else. Armed with the right information your potential customer reaches your business. With so much information available to the average automobile buyer today what is your dealership doing to resolve issues with buyers Excellon DMS offers your dealership an easy way to aggregate relevant customer feedback through the use of electronic surveys as well as telephonic responses. This will enable you to keep your CSI scores sky high and sort out each and every customer complaint or suggestion. Adding Value For Customers The automobiles that your customer owns are assets. Management of these assets and keeping an updated record of the customers assets is very important for any efficient service organisation. Other than automation and other technical improvements Excellon DMS also features ways to meet other goals your customer might have such as: - Improved customer satisfaction - Understanding of the customers needs and desires - Longer lasting and loyal relationships with dealers What Does Excellon Dealer Management System Offer - Excellon DMS offers a rare and highly efficient combination of smarter technology robust functionality and true partnership. - The cloud-based Dealership Management system is designed efficiently to be always on completely secure easily accessible and always backed up. - Best-in-class workflows boasting of every functionality you would need.

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- Advantages of true partnership such as freedom from long-term contracts no hidden fees or extra user charges. Todays auto dealers are looking for a DMS application that is high on quality output low in cost as well as trusted and proven. Excellon DMS provides all this and more. Designed with reputed cloud-based technological standards Excellon DMS features top-class functionality real-time and accurate data without the need for expensive upgrades. Our software suite is designed to cut down management hours not increase them Excellon DMS offers you all the help you need with easy deployment across single and multi-point dealership departments. Along with full-featured integration Excellon DMS also features the efficient Open Track platform that allows you to choose the vendors. Excellon Dealer Management System offers a comprehensive system for franchised dealerships so you can give your customers the greater degree of efficiency that they are demanding.