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ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE BASED ON IMAGINATION CREATIVITY Intelligence can be defined as the ability of machines to imitate human behavior and has come a long Artificial way – from nightmares and mad dreams to self-driving cars and automated factories.

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INTRODUCTION Artificial intelligence ispecify a machine to use human behavior to express like a human body machine learning deeply and show as an imagination and creativity.artificial intelligence mostly develop to show imagination .

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THERE ARE FOUR TYPES OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE : 1REACTIVE MACHINE 2LIMITED MEMORY 3THEORY OF MIND 4SELF -AWARENESS 1REACTIVE MACHINE :- Artificial intelligence basically use to machine learning and various ways to imagination show and many work to do easily and save time energy. 2LIMITED MEMORY :- Artificial intelligence design a Machine to work any thing in a minimum memory .memory is limited we work anything . more memory to be stored in a machine can apply some work . 3 THEORY OF MIND :- The machine learning and imagination represent in a specific way is a more difficult task . artificial intelligence deeper machine learning and theory of mind creativity to be expressed. 4 SELF- AWARENESS:- Artificial intelligence use in various ways to a machine learning expressions to perform and more carefully work use to machine do more work easily.

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USE OF ROBOTRONIX IN ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE : Robotronix is a branch of artificial intelligence and artificial intelligence robot is aimed at manipulating the objects by perceivingpickingmoving and destroying it. Robotronix Compose different branches in artificial intelligence.

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ROBOTS AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Artificial intelligence work for robot and the computer work for depend various possible actions which action will be most successful based on the collected information of course For design a computer to work for solve problems it’s programmed to solve easily .artificial intelligence work for physical robot design to behave like a human body to understanding animal anatomy artificial intelligence more machine learning to useful for understanding how nature intelligence works. For more type use robot to achievements for industry and some other types.

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ROBOT INTELLIGENCE : Artificial intelligence work for robot design to more work performed for a some time . Robot more complete in a some time duration and more memory to be stored .more problems face to perform robot and more visible to use in a robot to deferente work complete and more intelligence is work for robot to fast work runs . robot intelligence fast work for future generalization to honestly work to more knowledge in a machine learning to more types in artificial intelligence to new imagination to be established or specify more type work complete in some duration of time .more types to some place robot work and other country more artificial intelligence use to special work generate and other types to use artificial work easily to maintain a time or more problem to solve robot .robot starting use in computer programming problem more types this technology use in india and other countries . india more artificial work to start and more problem face in some changes can we adapted to save time and energy . robot more work completed in a some time to more users adapted survive to maintain and increase energy to other activities and more task to perform some type use in artificial intelligence.

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CONCLUSION : Artificial intelligence work for design robots to perform more tasks and save time but robots and other artificial work to adapted in easiles to save time to more imagination and creativity present new ways and more deferents work to established more power to generate in robot to complete a work artificial intelligence more new projects other types work image and represent more type robot more done to save time and energy buy more memory loss and power more westage for based on artificial intelligence face more challenges and more news technics uses in artificial intelligence. For more information to visit :-Technology Moon

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