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Lets calculate your baby delivery date:

Lets calculate your baby delivery date

Excited ????:

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Naegeles rule:

Naegeles rule

Calculate expected date of delivery through this rule:

Calculate expected date of delivery through this rule Note : You should know correct date of last menstrual period Last date of menstrual period means first day when your menses started This is an expected date of calculation not accurate You can calculate your date without anybodies help This method is used by doctors apart from ultrasonography

Lets start……:

Lets start……

As per naegeles rule:

As per naegeles rule Add 7 days from first day of your LMP(last menstrual period) Subtract 3 months


Example Last menstrual period : 01/November/2018 Apply NAEGELES RULE : Add 7 days in first day of LMP : (1+7=8) Subtract 3 months : November(11 th month) (11-3=8) 8 th month means “August” August means of the year 2019, as if you calculate 9 months from November, August will fall on next year

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1 2018 11 +7 -3 +9 months of pregnancy 8 8 2019 LMP EDD FORMULA

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28 2018 02 +7 -3 +9 months of pregnancy 07 9 2018 LMP FORMULA EDD Only 28 days in february , so calculate+7 from next month

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30 2018 07 +7 -3 +9 months of pregnancy 06 4 2019 EDD FORMULA LMP Only 31 days in JULY, so calculate+7 as “1” remaining day of July month and “6” days of next month

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