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Bike Thefts on Campus:

Bike Thefts on Campus Created By: Michael Bain Nina Canal GEOG/GEOL 352 Dr. Klein


Intro College students are usually poor Alarmingly high rate of bike thefts Reoccurring issue on campus Aggie honor code!?

Research Question/Hypothesis:

Research Question/Hypothesis Can we use GPS and GIS technology to… Locate the safer/more dangerous bike racks on campus Increase security around the more common places that bike thefts occur Can social media help familiarize students with the locations of bike thefts?

Methods & Data :

Methods & Data Official TAMUPD Twitter reports bike thefts Includes the locations and dates Mapped out bike racks on campus Then used GPS to get coordinates of racks Computer applications to interpret data ArcMap 10.3, Excel, and Google Earth



ArcMap Slide:

ArcMap Slide


Conclusion Our hypothesis is… Accepted Data shows where the dangerous racks are Don’t leave your bike at the MSC! Also shows what month a theft is more common Be careful during football season!

Future Work:

Future Work To minimize error, we can retrieve data from all sources that have bike thefts reported Locations on where security should be increased Time of year that students should purchase bikes Data retrieval over a longer period of time


References @ TAMUPolice Twitter Page “College Station, Texas.” 3391403.61 mN 755503.74 mE. Google Earth. November, 2016. April 27, 2016.

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