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This presentation include basics of ethical hacking.


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Introduction to Hacking:

Introduction to Hacking Hacker Hacking C racker E thical Hacker

Types of Hackers:

Types of Hackers WHITE HATS ( aka Ethical hackers) BLACK HATS GREY HATS

Purpose of Hacking:

Purpose of Hacking To make security stronger(Ethical Hacking ) Just for fun Show off Steal important information Destroy enemy ’ s computer network

Ethical Hacking:

Ethical Hacking “Ethical hacking describes the process of attacking and penetrating computer systems and networks to discover and point out potential security weaknesses for a client .” Its Legal and Permission is obtained from the target for hacking. Part of an overall security program

Ethical Hacking Terminology:

Ethical Hacking Terminology Exploit Vulnerability Target of Evaluation (TOE)

Ethical Hacker’s purpose:

Ethical Hacker’s purpose Ethical hackers try to answer:  What can the intruder see on the target system?  What can an intruder do with that information?  Does anyone at the target notice the intruders attempts or success? The main process of Ethical Hacking is testing the security of a system or network known as a penetration test, or pen test .

Types of Ethical Hackers:

Types of Ethical Hackers Black Box Penetration Testers White Box Penetration Testers Certified Ethical Hacker/Licensed Penetration Tester

Penetration Test :

Penetration Test Figure : Phases of penetration testing Testing the security of a system or network is known as a penetration test, or pen test .

Ethical Hacking process:

Ethical Hacking process

Ethical Hacking process-Reconnaissance:

Ethical Hacking process-Reconnaissance Understanding Competitive Intelligence Tools:- , , B. Footprinting Footprinting is defined as the process of creating a blueprint or map of an organization’s network and systems. Footprinting includes:

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Domain name Network services and applications System architecture Authentication mechanisms IP address ranges Access control mechanisms Phone numbers Contact addresses Tools – whois, Traceroute VisualRoute, and NeoTrace, , ,

Ethical Hacking process-Scanning:

Ethical Hacking process-Scanning Scanning is the process of locating systems that are alive and responding on the network. Scanning type Purpose Port scanning Determine open ports and services. Network scanning Determine active hosts and their IP addresses on a given network or subnet. Vulnerability scanning Identifies the operating system , version number, service packs and vulnerabilities in the operating system .

Ethical Hacking process-Scanning:

Ethical Hacking process-Scanning Tools:- port scanning(nscan,nmap,Hping2,Superscan), Network scanning(nscan,nacrosoft traceroute, tcpdump, nmap, strobe, rprobe,Nessus, Cybercop,FireWalk) vulnerability scanning( NetScanTools Pro, Nessus, Nikto, Core impact, Retina, etc. and and

Ethical Hacking process-Gaining Access:

Ethical Hacking process-Gaining Access Gaining access is known in the hacker world as owning the system because once a system has been hacked, the hacker has control and can use that system as they wish. A. Cracking a Password B. Keyloggers C . Banner Grabbing

Ethical Hacking process-Maintaining Access:

Ethical Hacking process-Maintaining Access keyloggers Rootkits Effects Infect startup files Plant remote control services Install monitoring mechanisms Replace apps with trojans

Ethical Hacking process-Clearing Tracks:

Ethical Hacking process-Clearing Tracks Avoid detection by security personnel To continue to use the owned system To remove evidence of hacking To avoid legal action. Techniques Clear logs Hide log files

Ethical Hacking: Literature Survey:

Ethical Hacking: Literature Survey Microsoft pays out $100,000 and $11,000 to a White hat hacker(James Forshaw). Adobe was hit by a massive security breach Brazil announces “U.S proof” secure email system to avoid spying Major Indian telecoms company “Hathway” websites hacked by Pakistani hackers Hacked Teen sold mom’s jewelry after hackers threatened to share his Shameful footage

Some Techniques of Ethical Hacking :

Some Techniques of Ethical Hacking Spoofing attack (Phishing) Trojan horses SQL Injection Vulnerability scanner Key loggers

Some Famous Ethical Hackers :

Some Famous Ethical Hackers James Forshaw Ankit Fadia Kevin Mitnick George Hotz Robert Morris Max Butler Kevin Poulsen

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Any Questions About This Presentation ??

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