The Use of Fish Cages, Fish Crates and Fish Tubs in a Fishery


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The Use of Fish Cages Fish Crates and Fish Tubs in a Fishery

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Introduction • Fisheries need to employ the use of quick and efficient fishing equipment in order to ensure that fish products remain fresh healthy and appetizing all the way to the consumer. The correct handling and storage of fish products greatly contributes to the entire process. In this blog we look at the various products that can be used by fishermen to store and transport fish. They are the fish crates fish tubs and fish cages.

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Fish Crates The first stage of the correct handling of fish products begins at the wharf itself where the fish are packed into fish crates. As marine environments are aggressive to most materials it should be ensured that fish crates are made of the highest quality of materials. Most fish crates are easy to clean and rust free .

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Some other features of fish crates include: • They are made from hygienic food-grade HDPE material which makes them ideal for handling any kind of product • Fish crates are usually lightweight and 100 maintenance-free. • Fish crates are usually of a high capacity size and consist of a good volume size. • Fish crates are ideal for use in bulk and heavy duty applications.

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Fish Tubs Most fish tubs are innovatively designed with the latest technology. Fish tubs are made from food grade virgin USDA/ FDA/ EU approved polyethylene PU filled and UV stabilized. They are mainly used for storing marine products at ports. Fish tubs are also available with and without lids and it’s also possible to find insulated fish tubs as well. The best quality of the fish tub is its ability to store perishable items in the most optimal way.

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Fish Cage Fish cages can be placed in lakes ponds rivers or oceans to contain and protect fish until they can be harvested. Using a fish cage in aquaculture is called "off-shore cultivation" and has been devised based on easy-to-use technology. This makes the fish cage very simple to be used by all kinds of fishermen.

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A fish cage is a reliable piece of equipment that handles fish well and it is also has low operation and maintenance costs. Fish cages can also be made out of a variety of materials. Fish handling industries need to invest in and make effective use of good quality pieces of equipment like the above-mentioned fish tubs and fish crates. With the ongoing modernization of such industries these types of equipment will continue to enhance fish farming and the storage and transportation of fish products.

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