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MOVING DOESNT HAVE TO BE STRESSFUL TIPS TO HELP SPEED UP THE PROCESS OF MOVING DUMBO MOVING+ STORAGE 2 Keep pets in a crate or in a room that is not being used Pets and movers are not getting along very well and movers can be extremely annoying to pets. This will keep both your pet and the movers safe 3 Pack an bag filled with anything you may need for the next day Bag filled with any medications toilet- ries pajamasbedding and some clothes or anything else that can be usefull. And it always can happen that something goes wrong and you want to be ready for that kind of situation. 4 Make sure your boxes are all packed If the movers can quickly put your boxes in the moving truck than they could use the added space to easily maneuver large pieces of furniture. Make sure that boxes do not have too much weight you do not want it to break and ruin hours of your 5 Remove mirrors and artwork from off the walls This make sure you dont forget any- thing still attached to the wall and this way the movers get a head start on wrapping your mirrors so they wont break. Fragile things need extra care so putting it on the floor carefully but standing up is advised. 6 Take your valuables with you Wallet passport identifications any portable electronic devices and laptop. Movers are generally honest people but you never know so it is better to avoid risk than to take it 1 Make sure there isnt anything you would like to donate Moving is a great time to donate old clothes or furniture. Remember that there are lot of people in the world who dont have enough so anything that you do not use often or at all can be useful to others and less stuff for you to pack. HTTP://DUMBOMOVING.COM

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HTTP://DUMBOMOVING.COM MOVING VS GYM DUMBO MOVING+ STORAGE 1 2 3 4 5 6 You don’t pay monthly fee which is mandatory in the gym and still you have the possibil- ity to shape your body. Moving is more dynamic since you don’t work out at the same place so you never get bored. Your biceps triceps and back muscles will be perfectly sculpted and you will be stronger in time. Popular and modern gyms are often crowded. Being a mover you don’t have that problem since you can arrange your activity in agreement with a few colleagues. After work you don’t have to go to gym since you have already practiced within the working hours. As a mover you are of service to your clients which makes you feel helpful. Satisfied custom- ers might even become something more don’t you think

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