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The red earth’ s country Paraguay

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Handcrafts, being “Ñanduty” a kind of lace, make only in Paraguay, the more original

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Paraguay river

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Gigant anthill+red earth+coconut´s trees= paraguayan´s lanscape

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Typical “old house”, built with mud, bricks and tiles, to protect against the tropical climate

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Yaguaron : San Buenaventura´s church, built by franciscan monks in 1772

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Selling “Chipà”, kind of bread make with cheese and “mandioca”, a tubercule very similar to potato

Slide 33: 

Lake “Ipacarai”, famous for the blue of its waters and the song “Remembering Ipacarai”

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Mate, the infusion that Paraguayans consume everyday, the  yerba mate is put in a kind of pumpkin, then adds hot water and sucks through a metal straw

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To my father Enrique, who was a paraguayan. Proud to be your daughter, with all my love. By Maria [email protected] Photos: Nikkon P 80 Music: Pajaro campana ( Bell birb) Rohayhu Paraguay !!!

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