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Internet Scammers are becomming more and more prevalent.


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Internet Scams Edited by: Nikki Norris:

Internet Scams Edited by: Nikki Norris

PowerPoint Presentation:

Most scams you see online give you two things:

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It doesn’t take much time… & it doesn’t need much money.

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Obviously if it doesn’t need time & it doesn’t need money, it doesn’t need you…

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…Because anything that makes that kind of money will obviously not require anyone to really do it.

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Everyday people fall for scams like these…

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Websites promising prizes, gift card, and FREE money just for signing up…with little or no work involved…

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What people don’t know when they sign up for these sites though is that they are basically selling their personal information to ANYONE who wants it.

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They are not going to get that sweet pair of kicks, that free itouch, or gas card, that they think they signed up for.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Nowadays people are trying to find ways to make money with out having to even leave their homes.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Scammers target people like this…with websites promising a steady paycheck without having to leaving your house. Like this…

PowerPoint Presentation:

One of the first, most famous scams is phishing (used in emails) which most people are aware of. But yet so many people still fall for these scams…

PowerPoint Presentation:

You know…the ones where you get an email from your bank or whatever and it says…’hey your account is screwed up.’ …So you have to click on this link to fix it.

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So you click on the link and go to the website and it looks like your bank or whatever but it’s not.

PowerPoint Presentation:

And you enter all your information….and BAMM…all your bank account information is in someone else's hands.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Internet scams are a HUGE problem today. So many people are being suckered into these scams and are getting ripped off as well as having their identities stolen.

PowerPoint Presentation:

And its completely preventable…. Rule of thumb: If it sounds to good to be true, then it probably is.

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