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Start A New Blog Free Step by Step Guide to Build a Blog Online

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Step 1 The first call of action is choosing a blog topic or theme. Usually the best and most recommended advice is to follow your heart. No we’re not talking about romance what you need to do when thinking of a blog topic is to choose one that’ s close to your heart. Something you are extremely passionate about.

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Step 2 It’s not a secret that majority of the blogs are made using WordPress. Fun Fact: WordPress has been downloaded over 72 million times and is the backbone for many popular blogs and sites.

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Step 3 Finding the perfect domain name can be a challenge. It could take you days or even months to come up with one But hey don’t worry I’ll help you think of something right now First once you’ve chosen your topic / niche you need to think of something that sticks to readers. Don’t go with a domain name that’s too long or hard to pronounce or even plain boring. Go with a name that gives you that “brand” look. Be a brand – an authority in your niche and you’re sure to enjoy better success.

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