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For the best Burgers in Bangalore, make sure you visit Biggies Burger ‘n’ more. We offer superior quality of food by offering a sumptuous range of Grilled burgers, hotdogs, Panini’s, and shakes.


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Biggies Burger ‘N’ More (Best Burger in Bangalore)

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Overview Biggies Burger ‘N’ More is a Bangalore based fast food company. Biggies Burger founded in 2011 has been in existence for 6 years now. It is a growing restaurant chain in Bangalore with 19 outlets already established. Biggies has successfully introduced into the fast food market with their grilled and baked burger concept.

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Biggies Burger have various beverages option and many choices of sliders on the menu beside the burgers. Their burgers come in various layer choices like the double-decker or even a triple-decker. They have a value menu that goes light on the customer’s pocket. They are famous for the tagline “Be Brave Be Biggies”

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Started in 2011, Biggies Burger is a Bangalore based burger restaurant chain. Their first branch was at Electronic city Bangalore and since has been growing. They now have 15 branches around town. Started by Mr. Biraja Rout in 2011, Biggies has been running for 6 years. They have been growing through their franchises and now have a huge hold on the Bangalore burger game. History

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Food Biggie has a huge menu that covers almost ever fast food including Panini’s sandwich and hot dogs. They mainly specialize in burgers and are known for their Grilled and Baked burgers. But also have a wide range of sliders and beverages on the menu. They also have a separate value section, that is a budgeted rage they offer. Also, like every fast food restaurant they put out a different variation of fries. And if you’re looking to have it all, their combos are a good choice.

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With more than 15 sections on the menu, Biggies Burger has a lot to offer. Single Decker double Decker and also a triple Decker is their layered range available. Grilled burgers and Grilled hotdogs is a popular choice. Platters French fries are available in 5 variations adding a nice twist to the concept. Beverages also have many subsections that includes hot and cold beverage, thick shakes, a M ojito menu and all these are offered in various sizes. Menu

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With hygienic and affordable burgers it is a safe investment. They take care of everything including proving you with experienced staff and also helps from ground zero. They work with their partners and make sure they get all the benefits that a Biggies Burger store can provide. Franchise

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Reviews They are on top of most rated fast foods and have received a 4.2 on Zomato that makes it one of the highest rated restaurants. That also appear in the special “kickass burgers” collection on Zomato . Only a few select restaurants make this list and Biggies is one of them. Also with a massive number of positive reviews on all the various sites, there isn’t a doubt about this place and it’s Excellency.

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Working Condition Safe and decent working environment gives Biggies Burger the deserved approval from all the health authorities of the state. They have been marked excellent in their health inspections and this sets a bar that is very difficult for other restaurants to achieve.

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Biggies Burger ‘N’ More Website : http://biggiesburger.com/ Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/BiggiesBurger/ Instagram Profile: https://www.instagram.com/biggiesburger/ Email: [email protected] Contact info: 08553266776

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