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Who can judge you best? Parents? Teachers? Mentors? Friends?

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I N D E R P R E E T Independent Natural Delicate Emotional Reliable Patient Rational Enthusiastic Eager to learn Trustworthy

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Nobody is as perfect for you as you are to yourself..

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Who am I? What I want to do? Am I on the right path? What am I doing? What do I love in myself?


FOUR SQUARES 5years ago 1year ago 1year from now 5years from now

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WHAT DO YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE? What do you need to achieve your goals?

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How Do I Get There? What do I have to identify? Strengths Environment Barriers Support Systems Who are they? How do I use them?


Activity Please take out the ASSETS you are having right now and jot down on a piece of paper. Please write down the INADEQUACIES of your personality. What are the PROSPECTS of your personality? Please write down. According to you what are the RISKS connected with your personality?


SWOT A SWOT analysis generates information that is helpful in matching an individual’s / organization’s or a group’s goals, programs, and capacities to the social environment in which they operate.

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STRENGTHS What do you do well? What unique resources can you draw on? What do others see as your strengths? WEAKNESSES What could you improve? Where do you have fewer resources than others? What are others likely to see your weaknesses? OPPORTUNITIES What opportunities are open to you? What trends could you take advantage of? How can you turn your strengths in to opportunities? THREATS What threats could harm you? What is your competition doing? What threats do your weaknesses expose you?

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STRENGTHS Patience Organized Result oriented Focused Sincerity towards work Presentation skills WEAKNESSES Emotional Intelligence Want to be perfect in every aspect of work Social Networking Skills Sense of Humor OPPORTUNITIES Number of training courses available in market Position of Training Head in BFGI Sponsorships for research Writing, speaking or media opportunities THREATS Cut throat competition in market Recession Potential Financial problems Physical deterioration of my property

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Stay focused Be specific and avoid grey areas Keep your SWOT short and simple Avoid complexity and over analysis Collaborate with other functional areas Separate internal issues from external issues For a Productive SWOT

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Spend quality time with yourself:

Spend quality time with yourself

write for 20 minutes a day about your problems:

write for 20 minutes a day about your problems

Find helpers, teachers, counselors, mentors to show you the way:

Find helpers, teachers, counselors, mentors to show you the way

Step four is to read and listen to tapes:

Step four is to read and listen to tapes

Step five is to take risks:

Step five is to take risks

Step seven is to enjoy:

Step seven is to enjoy

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Know yourself and Be a winner

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Inderpreet, T&P, BFGI