5 things that you should have while shifting into another place


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Moving into another place is never an easy process. Some of the things you shouldn’t give a miss while shifting are cardboard boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap and permanent markers. All these things can help to simplify your process.


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MUST-HAVE MOVING SUPPLIES Moving from one place to another is never easy. It’s a task that requires proper planning and a lot of time. It’s important that one have the proper moving supplies and tools at hand when packing and moving, in case a professional moving service has not been hired. Following are the five essentials you need. http://actusflytt.se/


BUBBLE WRAP When moving fragile items, nothing is as important as bubble wrap. Use it to wrap all electronics, crockery, and other breakable items to provide them with enough protection for the move.


PACKING TAPE It isn’t enough to pack belongings in the right box to protect them; it is also important to seal the boxes right. Quality packing tape should be used to seal and reinforce boxes and any other wrapping.


PERMANENT MARKERS If boxes aren’t labeled correctly, it can be easy to misplace things while unpacking. Permanent markers should also be used to print specific handling instructions on the boxes in case of fragile items. http://actusflytt.se/privatflytt-stockholm/