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VE to VJ:

VE to VJ


VE-Day Victory in Europe May 8 th , 1945 Hitler commits suicide as the Soviets enter Berlin US troops enter shortly after Most troops sent home All attention is now on Japan

Moving West:

Moving West Begins massive mobilization of resources Rosie the Riveter Battle of the Coral Sea Keeps Australia safe Remove closest threat Battle in the Aleutian Islands Prepare for major attack to come

Battle of Midway:

Battle of Midway Battle for the Islands of Midway Major Naval Battle in the Pacific US tricks Japan into revealing their attack location “AF is having water trouble” US is able to defeat Japan Is considered the turning point in the war June 3 rd -7 th , 1942

Operation Cartwheel:

Operation Cartwheel S trategy to take the islands of the South Pacific Starting with the Solomon Islands moving to Mariana Islands First battle at Guadalcanal Foothold to the operation Supply ships for the US are sunk US Marines take the island Secure target: airfield

Island Hopping:

Island Hopping Bypass heavily fortified islands and take strategic posts Leapfrogging Captured: Solomon Islands Bismarck Archipelago Caroline and Marshall Islands Mariana Islands

Dig In:

Dig I n Japanese soldiers build defenses Tunnels connect the islands Machine gun nest Sniper platforms Punji Sticks

Desperation :

Desperation Tunnels cleared individually Seppuku over capture Battle of Saipan 31,000 soldiers to start 24,000 killed, 5,000 suicides 921 prisoners at the end 22,000 Civilians jump to their death Kamikaze attacks become common Divine Wind Suicide attack planes


Was the use of Kamikaze attacks effective for the Japanese military? Was the psychological toll on the US Marines worth the lives of the Japanese pilots?

Iwo Jima:

Iwo Jima Original island of Japanese Empire Made of volcanic rock and ash Civilians moved off of the island (mostly)


Pre-landing Japanese build tunnels and traps Americans move ships towards the island Execute 3 days of bombardments Limited effectiveness

Battle for Iwo Jima:

Battle for Iwo Jima Troops land on February 19 th, 1945 Find a heavily defended island Objective: Mt. Suribachi Fighting ends March 26 th , 1945 Japanese Troops: 21,060 216 captured American Troops: 110,000 6,300 causalities Last Japanese soldier surrenders January 6 th 1949

A New Frontier :

A New Frontier Werner Heisenberg German Scientist Splits a Uranium Atom O pens new field in Quantum Theory Robert Oppenheimer American Scientist Recreates experiment

Can it Be Done:

Can it Be Done Atomic Fission makes an explosion Can these explosions be chained together 1939: Nazi Party funds the making the bomb Heisenberg at the head Successful on small scale Test blows up his lab

The Manhattan Project:

The Manhattan Project American Atomic Bomb program Einstein is responsible Oppenheimer heads program 1942: New Mexico site is built N ew bomb idea Plutonium Implosion B omb

End of the Race:

End of the Race VE Day: May 8 th , 1945 Germany never makes a bomb Heisenberg captured Set free after WWII Project continues, Japan as new target 3 bombs are produced 1 for testing 2 for targets

Trinity Test:

Trinity Test “ The Gadget” Tested in New Mexico Test is a success 20 Kiloton Blast 5ft deep 30ft wide crater Mushroom cloud 7.5 miles high Felt 100 miles away Sand turned to glass


Watching the Explosion

Do we use it:

Do we use it FDR dies 1 month after test Truman become president Just now learns of the bomb Japan is training all citizens to fight Estimated 500,000 Americans will die in attack

Where to Drop:

Where to Drop Tokyo has been firebomb No pure military targets left Industrial cities become targets Kyoto Hiroshima Yokohama Kokura Arsenal Hiroshima is chosen Population: 350,000 Warned of impending attack

Dropping the Bomb:

Dropping the Bomb Little Boy loaded on the Enola Gay Modified B29, 12 crew members Leaves August 5 th , 1945 Dropped August 6 th , 1945 at 8:16 AM 66,000 killed instantly 15 kiloton blast 5 mile blast radius

Nagasaki :

Nagasaki Second city bomb August 9 th , 1945 Population: 195,000 Bomb hits at 11:02 AM 39,000 killed instantly 22 kiloton explosion Missed target by 2 miles America threatened to drop a third bomb This is a bluff

VJ Day:

VJ Day September 2 nd , 1945 Japan surrenders Full and unconditional surrender Must become democratic No military forces Japan is allowed to keep its emperor US occupies Japan Begins rebuilding

Tensions Growing:

Tensions Growing US will never again be in isolation World Police Nuremburg Trials Trail of Nazi and Japanese leaders Guilty of War Crimes 10 leaders hanged Communist Soviet Union New enemy in the east 100 th slide

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