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War in the East/ D-Day:

War in the East/ D-Day


In the first six months of a war  with the United States  I will run wild and win.   But if the war continues after that, I have no expectation  of success . Isoroku Yamamoto

Pacific Expansion:

Pacific Expansion Japan take more Pacific Islands Guam: December 8 th , 1941 Philippines: December 8 th , 1941 Both nations are a US protectorates US controlled but not states General Douglas McArthur forced to leave base in the Philippines “We are not retreating -- we are advancing in another direction”.

March On:

March On General Johnathan Wainwright surrendered the island Bataan Death March 60,000-80,000 captured, US and Filipino Captives marched 66 miles Starved, dehydrated beaten, bayonetted, and shot during the march Another American rallying point

Executive Order 9066:

Executive Order 9066 Removal of Japanese American Citizens from the coast Sent to Interment Camps Military holding facilities Held in camps until after the war Some join Army to show their loyalty 442nd Regimental Combat Team


Discuses your findings in the passage from Night What were the conditions in the Ghettos How were the Jews treated Was their compliance forced or voluntary Discuses the information from todays lecture What were the conditions of the Interment camps How were the Japanese in the camps treated Was their compliance forced or voluntary What are some similarities and differences between the two camps

Germany in USSR:

Germany in USSR The Germans sweep into USSR Bombard Leningrad Siege the city, 1941 to 1944 Factories in Leningrad moved back Strike Moscow Capital City Fighting from 1941 to 1942 Legend of 28 Panfilov Guardsmen

Battle of Stalingrad:

Battle of Stalingrad Most intense fighting of Soviet campaign Fighting from 1942 to 1943 Stalin refused to lose his city Enacted Order 227 Not One S tep Back Blocking Squads “No Land Beyond the Volga” Women become fighters Makeshift weapons used

City in Peril:

City in Peril The city is surrounded German 6 th Army on attack Fighting becomes house to house Citizens did not leave the city Many resort to cannibalism Slowly Soviets encircle the Germans Soviets unleash Katyusha Rocket Launcher Germans now held in the city

USSR on the Assault:

USSR on the Assault Zhukov leads the assault on Germans Use Blitz tactics Unleash new monster tanks All fighting culminates at Battle of Kursk Largest tank battle ever Germany retreats for the rest of the war

The Atlantic Wall:

The Atlantic Wall Defensive measure in France Faces Britain Almost continuous defense line Must be crushed to retake France US and Britain begin planning Operation Overlord

Operation Fortitude:

Operation Fortitude Fake D-Day invasion Meant to trick German spies M ove Germans away from real target Normandy Create fake: divisions, secret plans, planes & tanks Fake targets: Norway and Pas-de-Calais

June 5th, 1944:

June 5 th , 1944 US 82 nd , 101 st , and British 6 th , A irborne dropped behind enemy lines C apture bridges T ake out artillery positions All are scattered in the wind Most do not make it in time

Band of Brothers:

Band of Brothers


D-Day Joint Allied invasion of Normandy June 6 th , 1944 US, Great Britain, Canada Headed by Dwight D. Eisenhower On H-Hour five beach heads are charged simultaneously Allied Troops: 156,000 Casualties: 14,000 German Troops: 50,000+ Casualties: 9,000

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