Tiergarten 4, Pearl Harbor

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Terigarten 4/Pearl Harbor:

Terigarten 4/Pearl Harbor

Cleansing Germany:

Cleansing Germany Hitler follows American idea of eugenics genetic breeding out of impurities Hitler starts Tiergarten 4 T4 killing of those “unworthy of life” First use of gas

The Task Force:

The Task Force Einsatzgruppen m obile k illing u nits   Special SS soldiers Chosen after Battle of France Original guards of Concentration Camps Used in T4 program Executors at Babi Yar Most haunted by what their actions

Life in the Ghetto:

Life in the Ghetto European Jews are forced into Ghettos Not allowed to leave area Used as holding stations then sent to camps Mass starvation as war progresses Warsaw Ghetto Uprising   failed 13,000 killed in riot sent to camps as punishment

Killing Camps:

Killing Camps Work Camps at first Mass Starvation Use S onderkommandos to make killings easier Promised freedom Experimented with mass killing Zyklon B Killing camps built as war progresses Auschwitz : Work Will Set You Free

Hitler Turns:

Hitler Turns Operation Barbarossa Germany to capture USSR Hitler breaks Non-Aggression Pact June 22 nd , 1941 Germany Blitzes Three pronged attack

Main Targets:

Main Targets Three cities cho sen Leningrad Moscow Stalingrad If these cities fall so will the USSR

War of Extermination:

War of Extermination Barbarossa Decree   "all attacks by the civilian population are to be "suppressed by the army on the spot by using extreme measures, Every officer in the German occupation in the East of the future will be entitled to perform execution(s) without trial, without any formalities If you cannot identify your attacker, 'Collective measures' against residents of the area where the attack occurred can then be applied German soldiers who commit crimes against humanity are to be exempted from punishment

Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya:

Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya Russian freedom fighter 18 years old Becomes a symbol of Soviet Freedom  "You hang me now, but I'm not alone. There are two hundred million of us. You can't hang us all. They will avenge me."


Napoleon? The Soviet people retreat from county side Employ scorched earth tactic as the flee Fighting forces surround German troops as they advance in Supply lines stretched thin

Stalin’s mistake:

Stalin’s mistake Many battles lost in main invasion Stalin purged most WWI generals Calls on two remaining Gregori Zhukov Constantine Roskossovky These two men become the keys of victory

Japan Looks Towards the West:

Japan Looks Towards the West Japan expands its empire 1938-1941 Able to conquer all major small islands in the Pacific Except Hawaii, Guam and Philippines Has been cut off from US supplies since Nanking Military becomes desperate as the war in Europe rages

Planning The Attack:

Planning The Attack  To make victory certain, we would have to march into Washington and dictate the terms of peace in the White House. Plan is designed by Isoroku Yamamoto Involves attacking US naval fleet in port Pearl Harbor Yamamoto does not support using this plan Plan is implemented regardless

Negotiations Break Down:

Negotiations Break Down Japan sends an ambassador to US There to dictate peace agreement Terms were meant to be unreasonable Acted as a show Japan moves final ships into place December 6 th , 1941

Tiger Tiger Tiger:

Tiger Tiger Tiger December 7 th , 1941 Japan attacks Pearl Harbor Hours before a declaration of war is sent Not decoded in time Attack comes as a surprise Battleship row is the primary target Air plane hangers are also targeted



A Day that Will Live in Infamy:

A Day that Will Live in Infamy December 8th FDR ask congress for a declaration of war Japan, Germany, Italy China Town Riots Outrage over Pearl Harbor Aid to Europe increases Rebuilding of US navy "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve."

Missed Signs:

Missed Signs Hawaii radar picks up attack planes Mistaken for US supply planes Mini-Sub seen outside of Pearl Harbor Sink sub but still no reaction Roosevelt let the attack happen Conspiracy theory

The Doolittle Raid:

The Doolittle Raid US plans retaliation against for Pearl Harbor Target is Tokyo Meant to make Japanese feel vulnerable US Airforce and Navy operation Airforce heavy bomber + Naval Aircraft Carrier No strategic value Because we can

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