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The Weimar Republic:

The Weimar Republic Government of Germany at the end of WWI Signs the Treaty of Versailles Tries to pay back war reparations Solution: print more money This creates Hyperinflation

Economic Troubles:

Economic Troubles Germans aided by the US The Dawes Plan (1923) 1929 US Stock Market Crash Black Tuesday The world plunges into The Great Depression 1918 loaf of bread: <1 German Riechsmark 1923 loaf of bread: 200,000,000,000 Riechmark

A Man with a Vision :

A Man with a Vision Adolf Hitler Born in Austria I n Berlin at the end of WWI Treaty of Versailles = Fratricide Hates the Weimar Republic for signing the treaty Joins the Nazi political group

The Nazi Party:

The Nazi Party National Socialist German Workers Party   Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei The party has strong Anti-Semitic views Anti-Semitism : Hatred of Jews The party gains prominence after Hitler joined

Hitler Leads the Charge:

Hitler Leads the Charge Hitler and Nazi members attempt to violently overthrow Weimar Republic Beer Hall Putsch (1923) Hitler and others are arrested and taken to jail Mein Kampf ( M y Struggles) Aryans: Master Race New strategy to take control through legal channels

The Master Race:

The Master Race The Aryan people are racially superior Blond hair Blue eyes 6 foot or taller The most inferior race are Jews All other people are meant to serve Aryans Hitler Brown hair Green eyes 5 foot 8 inch

I am Chancellor :

I am Chancellor Using Nazi connections Hitler gains a seat in parliament Uses Nazi forces to keep order Brown Shirts Sturmabteilung (SA) Works his way up to Chancellor (1933) Enacts a socialist government

Cutting Past Ties:

Cutting Past Ties The Night of Long Knives Eliminates former political allies Purges the Sturmabteilung Ernest Röhm Creates the new Schutzstaffel (SS) Elite military force Power consolidates under Hitler

Reichstag Fire:

Reichstag Fire Parliament building set on fire Started by a Polish Communist Hitler uses it as a pretense to enact the Reichstag Fire Decree (February, 1933) This makes way for the Enabling act (March, 1933) Adolf Hitler made the Supreme Chancellor

Economic Reform :

Economic Reform Hitler enacts a Socialist state Takes control of all factories and controls prices L uxury items available to everyone Radio is most important Second act - build up of military Rebuilds standing army

Training the Body and Mind:

Training the Body and Mind The Hitler Youth Nazi Boy Scouts Nazi NJROTC M ake your body strong Then enrich the mind A children's police force Most became SS officers

Education for Death:

Education for Death

Shifting the Blame:

Shifting the Blame The rights of some are limited under Hitler Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, mentally and physically handicapped These people are terrorized, relocated, or deported Jews are the main targets

Jewish Slander:

Jewish Slander Law for the Protection of German Blood and Honor No more marriages between Germans and Jews Nuremberg Laws Jews could no longer be citizens of Germany, own land… The Eternal Jew State sponsored propaganda film

The First Solution:

The First Solution Haavara Transfer Agreement Jews can go to Palestine Must pay a deportation fee Must leave gold behind if traveling anywhere else This appeases Hitler All others are moved into Ghettos


KRISTALLNACHT Kristallnacht : Night of Broken Glass (1938) Planned by the Nazis taking advantage of Anti-Semitism German Jews are attacked and their shops vandalized

The Third Reich :

The Third Reich The German Empire or German Realm An Empire that will last 1000 years First Reich: Holy Roman Empire 962-1806 Second Reich: Kaiser Wilhelm II 1871-1918 Third Reich: Nazi Germany 1933-2033 Hitler’s empire would encompass the world


Lebensraum Living space The people of Germany need more land to grow Hitler wants to take lands in the east first


Annexation German people support Hitler’s expansionist ideas Lebensraum Kristallnacht Hitler takes surrounding land to grow the Empire Rhineland (1936) Austria (1938) Sudetenland (1938) Britain and France finally intervene

Neville Chamberlin:

Neville Chamberlin Prime Minister of Britain Chamberlin meets with Hitler to stop him from taking all of Czechoslovakia Munich Agreement Appeasement Can have Czechoslovakia but must stop expansionism “Peace for our time”

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