Between the Wars Italy and Japan

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Fascism Totalitarian society controlling all aspects of daily life Ultra-Nationalist Positive view of violence Charismatic leader Romantic Symbolism

Benito Mussolini:

Benito Mussolini Born in Italy to a politically active family Raised on rebellious ideals WWI veteran Wants to bring Italy back to its former glory Builds the Fasci Italiani di Combattimento   (1919) Italian Combat Squad

Mussolini takes power:

Mussolini takes power Mussolini sets out to take power by force Fasci Italiani di Combattimento become known as Blackshirts Secret Police 30,000 Blackshirts march on Rome Mussolini is made Prime Minister (1922)

The New Italy:

The New Italy Mussolini becomes Dictator renames himself “ Il Duce ” Cult of Personality Creates a police state with united political party New economic policy: Gold for the Fatherland Expansion of territory Reeducation starting with the body

It is Time:

It is Time Il Duce wants to expand north Believes Britain and France are failing empires Partners with Germany to build empire The Pact of Steel



Land of the Rising Sun:

Land of the Rising Sun Japan industrializes in roughly 80 years Meiji Restoration Seeks to expand their empire through strong kokutai National Essence/ National Will

The Sino-Japanese War:

The Sino-Japanese War Japan v. China (1894) Fighting over control of Korea Japan shows off its new Navy Japan Wins Shifts dominance in Asia Instilled feelings of superiority in the Japanese people Korea became part of Japan’s Sphere of Influence

Russo-Japanese War:

Russo-Japanese War Russia seeking a port in the Pacific Japan seeks recognition of its control of Korea Japan- Manchuria Russia- 39 th parallel Negotiations break down (1904) Japan wins First Asian country to beat a European power

Building Kokutai:

Building Kokutai Zaibatsu Financial clique Blood and Iron Tokko Thought Police Imperial Rescript of Education 一つの精神に一 億 Hitotsu no seishin ni ichi oku One Hundred Million with One Spirit Mitsubishi  Sumitomo Yasuda Mitsui

Go Forth and Conquer:

Go Forth and Conquer More land taken in China Manchuria (1931) Japan’s military actions anger European powers France, Russia, Great Britain

Leaders in 1938:

Leaders in 1938 In 1938 Japan is being lead by the military Hideki Tojo The Emperor is a figurehead with little influence Hirohito

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