Useful SEO Guidelines for Your Blog

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Useful SEO Guidelines for your Blog


A blogger's dream is to get his/her website ranked high consistently on the Google search engine. But how do you do it? There're a lot of ways to increase your Google page ranking, and every one of them promises good results if you're able to do it correctly and consistently.


Also, it would be better if you leave this job to an SEO expert especially if you are new to blogging. There are couple of affordable SEO services out there that that promises to bring your blog at the first page of a search engine result. As mentioned above, improving your Google page rank will take some time before you can see its results even the best international and local SEO services provider won’t be able to bring you results overnight.


With that said here are some search engine optimization tips you can use for your blog:


Create unique and original contents Your blog must have unique contents. Rich and high-quality contents will attract a lot of readers. Make sure that all of your contents are original too. It's only the original source of the contents or articles are credited by search engines, so don't bother copying from others just to get contents for your blog.


Get incoming links from other top ranked sites with the same niche Getting traffic for your blog is an important part in your search engine optimization. One good way of getting a huge amount of traffic is to get links from the successful sites on the web. Find a highly ranked site with the same niche as yours and get those links to your blog. You'll certainly get a huge boost with your page ranking if you do this correctly.


Optimized your contents Writing unique contents is important in increasing your page rank, but you mustn't forget that it must also be optimized. Search for keywords in the web what people use to search about your niche and make sure that you include them in your contents. Write some great stuff about your niche by using those keywords and see to it that it will meet your reader's expectations about the subject.


Keep your blog always fresh Search engines like Google assess your blog now and then so you need to do a good job in keeping it fresh and updated all the time. Update your blog on a constant basis.


Bookmarking Bookmark your blog on some social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+. You'll get a huge amount of backlinks and traffic simultaneously if you share your blog posts on those sites.


Keep your website accessible at all times If Google finds out that your website has been down for a long time and is no longer accessible they will immediately downgrade the rank of your website on the search engines.


Advertise your Blog Make advertisements for your blog. Put some ad about your blog on those highly ranked sites on the web. You'll get backlinks and traffic for your blog by advertising it.


Fix the broken links Find any broken links on your blog and make sure that you fix them right away. You don't want your readers to have a hard time while reading your blog posts. A blog with a good user experience is also important in attracting more readers to your blog.


Create a good looking and well-designed blog A blog must be well-designed to attract readers. No one would want to visit a boring and ugly looking blog. Add some good images or extra features that you could use to attract the interests of your readers.


Search engine optimization is a slow process. And it’s definitely tough when you do it on your own. Top SEO VAs Is Here With You Visit Us at

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